Understanding the African American Diet

In a time where African Americans are twice as likely to suffer from diabetes as Caucasians, special attention should be paid to the African American diet and how it can be transformed into a healthier eating plan that works to prevent disease instead of promote it.

Avoid Fast Food

As with all Americans, the fast food and processed food epidemic has hit the African American community hard. It is difficult to get the necessary nutrients in your diet if you eat hamburgers, pizza and vending machine snacks regularly, and this contributes to the increasing numbers on the scale and the related health problems that accompany them.

Limit Grease and Salt

The first adjustment that should be made to any diet include lowering the amount of grease, salt and fat ingested. As with any other healthy eating plan, African Americans should focus on eating balanced meals consisting of lean proteins, lots of fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and plenty of whole grains and fiber.

Ingest Soy Protein

According to many statistics, up to 75% of all African Americans are lactose intolerant, so getting calcium can be a problem. Soy milk is a great alternative to dairy milk and comes in many cases with added calcium. Additionally other soy products like tofu and lean proteins like fish and chicken can be beneficial in creating a lower fat diet that can help keep weight off and improve your overall health.

Make changes slowly so that they become a lifestyle change, and not just denying your body all the things it is used to. Try to cut red meat consumption down to just two times weekly, and replace it with fish, beans and legumes. Then, watch your weight go down as your energy and overall health goes up.


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