Understanding Depression in Women

Depression has become more prevalent than ever. This is particularly true for women who, according to statistics, suffer from various forms of depression at a much higher rate than men. There are many reasons for this and in order to understand, you must first understand the different types of depression.

Types of Depression

One type of depression that only women suffer from is postpartum depression. This occurs in some women after the birth of a child. Other forms of depression not exclusive to women are seasonal affective disorder (SAD), dysthymia (consistently depressed mood), clinical depression, manic depression (also called Bi-polar), situational depression and others. No matter what type of depression may be present, there are varying degrees and each person’s experience is unique.

Depression in Women

Part of the reason women tend to suffer from depression is the increasing demands placed on women. Add hormones, genetics, premenstrual syndrome and menopause on top of the daily stress and it’s not hard to understand the ever increasing incident of depression in women. Many women work everyday to try and balance home, family, work, friendships, body image, and everything in between. Women also have a tendency to internalize what may be perceived as negative emotion and that can lead to depression. One big issue women face is the circle of feeling inadequate which leads to less sleep, which leads to depression, which leads to an inability to function normally, which leads to more feelings of inadequacy, etc.

When you add all of these elements together, depression in women becomes easier to understand. It’s important to also understand that there is hope and that there are many forms of treatment available for all types of depression. There are natural remedies, pharmaceuticals, therapy and other things available.

If you think you may be depressed, it’s important to get a professional diagnosis and seek help so you can start the healing process. If you have thoughts of suicide, there are hotlines you can contact at any time.


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