Understanding Bulimia in Teens

Developing bulimia has nothing to do with heredity. Instead, nearly every bulimic who suffers from this food disorder does so because of social factors that have lead her to mentally break down. A lack of self confidence and attempting to quickly lose weight for a career or sport generally acts as leading causes of bulimia in teens.

Teens with Bulimia

Bulimia is a cycle of binging and purging in an attempt to lose weight. Bulimia causes  people of all ages to lose weight quickly, but in an extremely unhealthy manner. The side effects that bulimics face, such as heart and digestive problems, greatly outweigh any falsely constructed positive benefit provided.

Many teenagers struggle to fit into a certain socially accepted group. In several cases, this has a lot to do with physical appearance–most often regarding weight. When teens fall into the less socially accepted groups at school or work, they tend to practice any measure necessary to lesson the pain. That sometimes results in purging any food that they’ve consumed in order to lose weight. The goal is usually to reach an ideal level of thinness–sometimes in order to “fit in” with others or feel more attractive. 

Bulimia Help

This eating disorder works in a continual cycle. Teens have an especially hard time breaking out of the purging and binging sequence involved with bulimia. Treating bulimia sometimes becomes virtually impossible because of its hard-to-spot effects. Many bulimics have a healthy weight and do not look too skinny. Some people who suffer from bulimia, including teens, will not deny food offerings either.

Close friends and family usually have the easiest time spotting irregular eating and living habits that bulimics practice.


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