Understanding Anorexia in Teens

Anorexia is a disease that is typified by self starvation and a distorted body image. It comes from hereditary gene passing as well as pressing social factors. Many teens become caught up in the storm of visual media that tends to suggest that lower clothing sizes make for better looking people. These frequent messages often become so powerful that teens begin to fall into anorexic practices.

Teen Anorexia Factors

Aside from gaining anorexic tendencies from genes and the social media, many young women become persuaded by the constant flow of peer pressure. At times, peer pressure from friends does not occur purposefully. In fact, most teens become anorexic or develop similar eating disorders because of what their peers of the same sex look like, not what they say.

This comparative process tends to force perfectly healthy teens into anorexic ways. Once the eating disorder becomes more prevalent, individuals have a harder time breaking out of the habitually damaging cycles involved. Teens especially have difficult times breaking out of the harmful pattern.

Anorexia Details and Help

Nearly 90% of all anorexics fall into the teen age group. Males of all ages make up only 10% of all people with anorexia. Almost 10% of all anorexics die from health effects caused by the eating disorder.

These statistics show that it’s wise to pay special attention to teen groups in order to help stop anorexia. Identifying people who suffer from the condition becomes difficult at times. Friends and family become the most powerful source of help in most cases. Usually, the people who have the closest connections to a teen suffering from anorexia notice dramatic weight loss. This normally tends to alter physical appearance quickly, making it more obvious to spot out the individual.


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