Understanding Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Where does acupuncture for weight loss fit among so many diet programs, plans and treatments? Most experts would agree that acupuncture is not sufficient as a sole strategy for guaranteeing weight loss. However, it does offer encouraging benefits as a supplement to other weight loss programs.


According to Joey Komada, a California licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, there are many facets to losing weight and keeping it off. An effective program includes diet, exercise and strategies for reducing stress. Acupuncture is not a miracle cure for weight loss problems. It does, however, serve a useful purpose.

The precise way that acupuncture assists with weight loss is still to be researched and further understood. However, what is known about the treatment is that the insertion of needles on specific points throughout the body leads to a release of endorphins. This process calms and relaxes you. This is useful because if you’re someone who overeats due to excessive stress, acupuncture helps to ease stress and reduce anxiety.

Additionally, Komada explains that the release of endorphins helps to balance your organs. Some of your organs may be working too hard and too fast. Other organs may be more stagnant. The release of endorphins may help to speed up your metabolism, for example.


To the acupuncturist, various characteristics of your body are indications of the root of your weight problem and instructive for designing a treatment plan. For example, if your tongue has a thick white or yellow coating, this may be a sign of excessive heat or cold conditions in the stomach. Your stomach may be working too hard or not hard enough. Other things the acupuncturist will check include the pace of your pulse to determine your overall energy level. A cracked tongue is another indication of troublesome issues.

There are many points throughout your ear and body that are linked with your various organs. Once the acupuncturist has an understanding of which organs in your body need further balancing, he or she begins to systematically stimulate the specific points. For example, if your weight gain is due to a slow metabolism, treatment will focus on the points related to the thyroid. If you suffer from addiction to sweets and other foods, the lung is the organ of focus. If you feel the need to eat constantly, the points related to the stomach will receive  treatment.

The stimulation is carried out using needles that receive electro stimulation for about 30 minutes. After needle removal, you go home with adhesive ear tacks that allow you to stimulate the areas at home when challenged with cravings. This is intended to release endorphins and increase willpower. The frequency of treatment varies depending on the extent of the weight problem. If you want to lose a lot of weight, you would seek treatment more often than if you’re only trying to lose about 10 pounds.


Acupuncture is believe to be a useful weight loss strategy as an addition to a comprehensive diet and exercise plan. While its effectiveness is not yet fully explained by Western science, acupuncture does appear to help reduce stress and curb some people’s weight loss challenges. If you’d like to find an acupuncturist near you, Acufinder.com is a great resource.


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