Type II Diabetes Diet: Losing Weight Safely

If you suffer from diabetes, losing weight through a type 2 diabetes diet can get you off insulin and other medications. By creating a safe weight loss plan, you can improve your quality of life and feel great.

Watch The Carbs

Carbohydrates have the biggest effect on blood sugar, as they are broken down into sugar early in the digestion process. Any diabetes diet should focus on eating complex carbohydrates, such as vegetables and whole grain breads, because they are absorbed more slowly, which cuts down the risk of blood sugar spikes.

It is important not to go on a low-carb, high protein diet like the Atkins Diet, however, as this is not safe for people with diabetes. Your diet should be well-balanced to prevent other health problems to not put stress on your kidneys, heart, and liver.

Watch Your Blood Sugar

Cutting down on just one meal a day can adversely affect your blood sugar, insulin, and medication balance. It is important when dieting to consult with a diabetes educator or nutritionist to make sure that you are not running the risk of high or low blood sugars.

It is recommended that you slowly cut your caloric intake, roughly about 500 calories daily. Cutting calories across the board from protein, carbohydrates, and fat is the best way to safely lose weight, but you should always consult with a professional before beginning any weight loss plan. 


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