Two Workouts to Tighten Loose Skin

No matter if you just had a baby, had weight loss surgery, or lost weight through diet and exercise, chances are that you are dying to find a way to tighten loose skin. Below are some great workouts that are guaranteed to help you tighten loose skin.

Strength Training

Strength training is a great workout to tighten loose skin. Strength training is effective because it causes muscles to become larger, thereby filling out skin that has become loose or is sagging. When considering strength training as a way to tighten loose skin, it is important to keep some basic guidelines in mind. First, the best way to tighten loose skin is to work the larger muscle groups. This helps you get more bang for your buck–you’ll have to do less exercises, and you can get the same results as if you did several exercises focused on the smaller muscle groups.

One great strength training exercise you can do to tighten loose skin is squats. Squats work your quadriceps muscles, which are located at the front of your upper thigh. To do a squat, start by standing with your back firmly pressed against a wall or other hard surface, and your feet evenly spaced a shoulder-width’s distance apart and approximately one foot in front of the wall. Carefully slide your body down the wall towards the floor, until your thighs are parallel to the ground, and then lift yourself back up to a standing position. Repeat this exercise ten to twelve times, holding the last repetition for ten seconds in the “squatting” position.

Another great strength training exercise you can do to tighten loose skin is push ups. While push ups can seem difficult and intimidating for beginners, they can be modified and actually quite easy for individuals of all ability levels. Start by facing a wall, with your feet evenly spaced a shoulder’s-width distance apart and one foot from the wall. Place your hands on the wall at the height of your shoulders, and begin to carefully lower your chest, shoulders, and head to the wall. Once your upper body is as close to the wall as it can get, push off from the wall back to your starting position. If this is too easy, step your feet out farther from the wall. Finally, once this becomes extremely easy, move to the floor and do a traditional push up. This exercise is great for tightening loose skin in your upper body.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Another workout that is great for toning loose skin is participating in cardiovascular exercise. Unlike strength training, which makes the muscles bigger and therefore fills out the loose skin, cardiovascular exercise actually causes the skin to shrink back to the muscles. Cardiovascular exercise can include walking, biking, jogging, skiing, and a variety of other exercises.


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