Trying to Cook Healthy? Start at the Kitchen

Having a healthy kitchen is the first step when you want to start cooking healthy. The way you cook and eat can be greatly influenced by the kind of kitchen you have. If your refrigerator, pantry and kitchen cabinets are stocked with unhealthy ingredients then chances are the foods you prepare will also be unhealthy. It’s time to take a look around your kitchen and give it a healthy makeover.

Eliminate Refined Sugar

One of the first things you need to do in order to have a healthy kitchen is to get rid of the foods and drinks that contain high amounts of refined sugar. A prime example of this are sodas or soft drinks. Most kitchens today feature bottles or cans of sodas in their fridge. Although refreshing and great for an energy boost, soda contains a lot of sugar, artificial flavors and other preservatives that are harmful to your health. Even though packaged fruit juices might seem like a healthier option, they are not really much better. Commercial fruit juice is also loaded with sugar so it’s best to stay away from them if you are trying to lose weight. If you have a craving for fruits, eat them whole instead. Other refined sugar products to remove from your kitchen include cookies, chocolates and other sweets.

Stock Your Fridge With Fresh Vegetables

If you want to start cooking healthier dishes then you’re going to have to stock your kitchen with healthier ingredients. What could be healthier than a variety of fresh vegetables? Vegetables (and fruits) contain high amounts of phytochemicals which perform vital roles in the body such as delaying aging, fighting cancer and unclogging arteries. According to the National Cancer Institute, dark leafy greens and orange vegetables contain the most nutrients when it comes to fighting diseases.

Switch to Whole Grains

If you wish to improve your overall diet then another change you need to do would be to switch to whole grains. If you’ve been eating refined grains like ordinary pasta, bread and white rice for years then whole grains might take some getting used to. To make the transition easier, you can start with small steps. For instance, begin by replacing your bread with whole grain bread. More and more bakeries are catching up with the whole grain health trend so you will probably come across different shapes and sizes of bread that are made from whole grains. This will make it easy for you to find a type of bread that you like. As you begin to get used to whole grains, you can gradually add more products to your diet.

Switch to Lean Meats

If bacon, ham, salami, hotdog and bologna are the kinds of meat that you usually cook then it’s also time to look for healthier options. Not only are these processed meats high in fat and cholesterol but they also contain very little amount of protein. Lean cuts of meat contain vital nutrients like protein, iron and B vitamins. Be sure to trim the fat before cooking the meat. Fish and poultry are also delicious and healthier alternatives to meat.



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