TRX Suspension Trainer Exercises: TRX T-Bar Row

Getting a rock solid core and back in no time is easy with the TRX suspension trainer. The TRX T-Bar row focuses on your upper and mid back, while incorporating balance and core strength during the exercise.

Performing the Exercise

Hang the TRX system from a high point, about as high as the top of a door. Grab both handles and step back until the straps are taut. Slowly lean back with your feet flat on the ground so your body makes a 45 degree angle with the wall or door.

Slowly row handles back to your sides at mid chest, by drawing your elbows straight back behind you. Release to starting position then slowly release the left hand, twisting so your hand reaches toward the floor (forming a T with your body). Be sure to keep your feet on the floor to get a maximum twist in your core.

As you turn to the front, row your body up with the right arm–just one arm this time–and repeat. Complete 10-15 reps before switching to the other side.

Taking It to the Next Level

Once you have gained strength and stability with the exercise, try completing your rows on one foot or on a BOSU trainer for more intense core work.

Keeping Proper Form

Superior form makes the exercise more effective. Be sure your hips, shoulders and legs stay in line as you row. Keep your abdominals tight to avoid allowing your behind to fall back toward the floor. As you row, keep your shoulders pressed away from your ears, instead of shrugging them up, which takes some of the work out away from your back.


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