TRX Suspension Trainer Exercises: TRX Body Row with Bosu

One of the many different exercises you can do with the TRX Suspension system is the body row. The TRX System was designed by a Navy SEAL as an easy means of getting in an efficient workout anywhere you happen to be.  The Bosu ball is another useful piece of exercise equipment that delivers a full body workout while performing any number of exercises. Combine the two and you have a very potent workout ahead of you.

The TRX Bosu Body Row

The TRX Suspension system needs to be attached somewhere relatively high for this exercise. Grab the handles, stand on the Bosu ball and lean back, extending your arms in front of you. Pull your hands in until they touch your chest. Slowly extend your arms again and you’ve done one rep. 10 reps will constitute a full set. When first starting out with this exercise, 10 sets will make up a full workout.

Getting More Workout

Since your body weight will be staying fairly steady, you need to add reps and sets to receive more of a workout performing the Bosu body row with the TRX System. Instead of 10 sets of 10, you’ll need to do 15 sets of 15. Instead of more reps, you can also tie an exercise band around your waist and attach it with tension either to a door behind you or the floor behind you.

Muscle Groups in Use

Body rows are upper arm and back exercises. They normally target the biceps, latissimus dorsi and deltoids. However, by adding the Bosu ball, you add a whole new dimension to this exercise. The involuntary muscle contractions that occur throughout your core and legs in order to maintain balance will provide a full workout to almost every muscle group in your body.

As with any strenuous exercise, you should warm up properly and stretch completely before and after the body row routine to maintain flexibility in your joints and elasticity in your muscles.


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