Transitioning to a Healthy Raw Food Diet

Transitioning to a healthy raw food diet can take some work and perseverance, but making the switch can do wonders for your overall health and even weight loss goals. In order to be successful, making a transition from your current diet to one that only consists of raw foods should be a slow and calculated process to allow your body time to adjust.

Eliminate Diet Saboteurs

The first step in transitioning to a raw food diet should include eliminating any over-the-counter drugs, meat, white flour, salt, junk food, coffee, tobacco and alcohol from your diet. By taking a couple weeks to decrease these foods from your diet, while increasing healthier foods, you will not experience such strong withdrawals.

Eliminate Dairy Products

In the next phase of transition, you should begin to eliminate dairy products from your diet. Optionally, you can substitute seed milk and nut cheeses if you need to, but do not consume them too heavily as they can be unhealthy in large quantities.

Eliminate Additional Cooked Foods

In the final stage of the transition, you should eliminate all additional cooked foods, including grains, cooked fruits and vegetables, bread, beans and legumes, and crackers. At this point you should be substituting all your daily sustenance with fresh raw fruit and vegetables and occasionally nuts and seeds.

While you are making these transitions, try starting out by making a 100% raw food fruit meal for breakfast and then slowly transition to making a lunch raw food meal as well. By making the transition slow and meaningful, you will more likely stick with the diet and have decreased issues with withdrawal symptoms (than if you try to do it all at once).


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