Train Like a Female Fitness Model

Getting a body as fit as that of a female fitness model requires a lot of training, dedication and sound nutrition. Of course, genetics plays a role, but training properly plays an even bigger role. To look like a fitness model, you need to learn how to train like a fitness model. The good news is that anyone with a little ambition and determination can do it.

Write Out Your Plan of Attack

Having an organized, written schedule of your daily workout routine is very important, and is something female fitness models do. The muscles in the body must be worked in certain proportions unique to the individual to ensure that no area of the body is overlooked. Having a daily schedule will take the guess work out of what needs to be done on a particular day. In addition, a written plan will provide insight into what works and what doesn’t after a few weeks of training.

Weight Lifting

Lifting weights is a vital part of a fitness model’s workout routine, and is generally performed with every workout. Without weight lifting, muscles mass and definition would be impossible. Weight lifting is virtually a daily part of a fitness model’s exercise regimen.

Fitness models generally lift heavy weights to promote muscle building, though they are careful not to bulk up. Lifting heavy weights is necessary to build muscle, which is the foundation of a fitness model’s toned physique. All the major muscle groups should be focused on – including arms, shoulders, chest, back, abdominals, quads and hamstrings. Building lean muscle tissue provides the backdrop of a defined body.

To lifts weights properly, the weight should be heavy enough so that you are unable to lift more than 12 reps in one set. If you are able to lift more than that, the weight is too light, and should be switched to a heavier weight. Three to five sets should suffice.


A superset refers to sets that are performed one right after the other with little or no rest in between. For example, after 10 bicep curls, you would go directly into a set of military presses with continuous motion and no rest. Supersets can involve the same muscles, or different muscles groups as in the example just provided. Supersets provide a little twist to traditional weight lifting, and provide definition to toned muscles.

The reps and sets of supersets should be adjusted accordingly. Generally, about 12 to 20 reps are involved with supersets, which means the weight being lifted should be lighter than that used with traditional weight lifting. In addition, no more than three sets should be conducted to prevent over-worked muscles.

Aerobic Exercise

Cardio is a very important component of the fitness model’s training regimen, as it works to minimize accumulation of fat tissue. This is extremely important for a fitness model, since her body fat percentage should be very low to allow the muscles to appear more toned and defined. Aerobic exercise – such as jogging or stair climbing – is almost always done in the same workout as weight lifting. Many fitness models try to save the cardio for the last part of the workout to prevent muscle burnout while weight training.

Proper Nutrition

Eating a balanced diet is crucial for the fitness model, and can be just as important as exercise itself. Eating the right foods, in proper proportions and in proper amounts, plays a major role in a fitness model’s physique. Not only does it provide the fuel necessary for muscles to perform strenuous exercise and build lean tissue, but it also prevents fat gains that can hinder a fitness model’s physical goals.


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