Tracking A Glycemic Diet With Nutrition Software

Nutrition software can be a great tool for tracking your glycemic diet to see how different foods affect your blood sugar, successfully controlling your diabetes (and even losing weight). Nutrition software has made counting calories and managing complex diets easy.

Searching Online

Search online for a nutrition software program that has a Glycemic Index functionality, and decide on a program that works for you. Some programs are free of cost, and others charge a fee to use; select one that has features and support that you like. Many programs are available to use with your cell phone or PDA, a great choice if you eat out a lot and would like to have the functionality while you are out.

Inputting Foods

When you eat a meal or snack, input the foods that you are eating into the software. Different software has different fields and screens, but you should be able to sort foods by specific nutrient content or your own preferences. Once you eat something, or when you are planning on eating something, you can reference the food’s Glycemic Index and store that information in the software so that it calculates your meal’s overall rating and its effects on your blood sugar.

Input all the foods that you eat for the entire day, and you can view your overall calorie intake, as well as many other nutritional factors that can affect your diabetic diet. Save the information into your software and track your diet for several weeks to determine trends, and see how you feel on different days while eating different foods.

Nutrition software has come a long way and really allows you to compare foods while on the go, perhaps one of the most convenient features of it. Look into the different options, and select one that works for you. Begin tracking your food and living a healthier lifestyle with diabetes.



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