Total Health Makeover

From fitness queen Marilu Henner comes the Total Health Makeover. This “diet” is really all about changing every aspect of your life. From arranging your home categorically to shopping on a budget, this diet plan encompasses it all. The actual plan includes a very strict diet that will be hard for most people to follow, though many have enjoyed great success with it.

The Premise: Henner subscribes to the belief that certain foods should not be combined. For example, she does not recommend that dieters combine starch with protein. In addition, dieters are encouraged to cut back on all kinds of sugars. Henner claims that following her diet will help people to live longer, healthier lives.

The Diet: Dieters are asked to read Henner’s books before embarking on the Total Health Makeover. After absorbing some of her basic guidelines, dieters are asked to follow a ten step program.The steps are outlined as follows:

1. Avoid chemicals: try to avoid packaged foods

2. Eliminate caffeine and nicotine

3. Cut out sugar and artificial sweeteners

4. Try and eliminate red meat

5. Eliminate Dairy Products

6. Eat foods separately

7. Try to cut out all fats

8. Exercise

9. Get great sleep

10. Jump into the program full-force

As dieters move through each stage of the Total Health Makeover diet, they will gradually begin to eliminate sugars, red meats, and caffeine from their diet.

What to Get Excited Over:
Most of Marilu’s advice is sound advice. Eliminating chemicals, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and large portions of red meat is a wise decision. Many dieters find that cutting back on these things result in better overall health. Dieters can also expect to lose a decent amount of weight if they follow the Total Health Makeover plan carefully.

Things to Consider:
Eliminating all dairy products from your diet may not be a good idea. Henner’s diet plan is largely vegetarian (tofu products are encouraged throughout the diet), which means that dieters must be careful to get adequate amounts of protein. Some of the reasoning within Henner’s diet books is not completely accurate. For example, Henner states that dairy products can cause cancer and diabetes — two ideas that are not supported by fact.

The Verdict: There are some good ideas to take from this diet, but there are also some bad ideas that should be avoided. While everyone can stand to eliminate chemicals and red meat from their diet, cutting out dairy completely is not a smart choice. Overall, some facets of this diet can be adopted, though the diet as a whole is not entirely based upon sound fact.


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