Top 7 Exercises to Burn Belly Fat

Having a flat belly is something many people want to have, but just don’t know exactly what the best exercises are to burn belly fat. The trick to getting a flat tummy is not just in specific abdominal exercises, although they are very important, you also have to do some cardio to really get the best effects. About 30 minutes of cardio each day, along with these 7 exercises, will get rid you of that unwanted belly fat in no time.

1. Crunches

This involves lying, with your back flat on the floor, hands across your chest, and your knees bent. Raise your shoulders up off the floor without using your neck muscles. Return to the beginning position and do the move again.

2. Reverse Curl

While laying with you back flat on the floor and your hands folded over your chest, raise your knees to your chest while keeping your hips flat on the floor.

3. Leg Raises

With you back flat on the floor and your legs straight out, raise the legs up in a smooth motion, hold them few 5 seconds, and slowly lower them to the ground.

4. Captain’s Chair

For this, you will need a good sturdy chair that does not lean back. Sitting on the chair, place you hands on the arm rests and slowly raise your knees to your chest. Be sure your back remains straight and that you are not using your neck muscles.

5. Full Sit-Up and Twist

With your knees bent and your back flat on the floor, use your stomach muscles to raise your shoulders off the floor. Once they are off the floor, twist your shoulders in the direction of the opposite knee, and then go back to the starting position. Repeat for the other shoulder.

6. Flutter Kicks

Lie with your back and feet flat on the floor. Alternate straightening each leg in the air and then return it to the start position.

7. Straight Leg Obliques

Keeping your back flat on the floor, lift your legs straight up in the air. Now rotate each leg to it’s side, alternating legs all the time. Remember that it is very important to keep your legs straight at all times.

As with any type of workout, it is important to keep your posture correct throughout your entire abdominal workout. This will help to optimize the benefits of the exercises and keep your body better protected.

The Importance of a Cardio Workout

These exercises are not enough on their own to burn of the belly fat. While they will strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, burning fat is much more efficiently done through cardo workouts. Cardio can be something as simple as a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood after dinner or during lunch at work. The cardio will help keep your metabolism high thus burning more calories in general, no matter what you are doing.

If you start doing the cardio along with the abdominal workouts listed above, you will begin to see almost immediate results as you burn belly fat away. Take time to understand and be careful when doing any exercises so that a stronger and leaner you emerges at the end.


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