Top 4 Reasons to Use a Food Diary

All diets should include a food diary. Stress is a big part of weight loss, and when you choose the diet or lifestyle change that you think will work best for you, you also have the added burden of figuring out how to make it work. Weight loss is not easy, and we all need tools to help us along the way.

A food diary is no different from a regular diary, in which you keep track of your feelings, moods and every thing that is going on in your life. When keeping a food diary, you can record your progress in weight loss, mood, exercise and energy and of course, what food you consume. Having a record of all that you do concerning your diet and exercise helps tremendously in keeping yourself motivated. If you are still not convinced, here are the top 5 reasons to use a food diary:

1. Keeps Track of What You Eat

This is obviously an important part of any diet; a detailed description of what you eat daily and how it affects your body is invaluable. Depending on what type of diet you choose, you will record different items in your diary. For instance, if you were on a low carb diet, then you would document your carb intake each day to ensure that you are remaining under the required amount. You would do the same for a low calorie diet as well.

2. Gages Your Mood and Energy

Certain foods cause the body to react a certain way and by expressing your mood changes and energy levels in your diary, you can determine if what you are eating is beneficial to your state of mind. In addition, it will let you know whether the food is providing your body with enough nutrients to give you energy.

3. Monitors Your Food Consumption

The enemies of weight loss are emotional eating and those midnight trips to the kitchen. By writing down what times of the day and what moods cause you to reach for food, you can combat these habits and try to find other ways to occupy those times.

4. Motivates You

Most, if not all of us, will have a slight setback or two when trying to lose weight and that’s okay as long as we immediately get back on track. A food diary can help you do just that by making your past successes readily available to you. If you do happen to eat something forbidden and gain a few pounds, go back and read your diary. The diary will tell you what you were thinking, feeling and eating when you were actively losing weight. Doing this will allow you to adjust what you are currently doing and will allow you to get back on the road to a new you.


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