Toning Your Body with Jump Rope

A jump rope is a compact, affordable fitness tool that can help you burn calories, boost your metabolism and tone all the muscles of your body. Professional athletes habitually jump rope as part of their training routines, to build agility and cardiovascular fitness. Jumping rope burns about ten calories a minute, and there are many different jump rope moves that can help tone all the major muscle groups of your body. Here’s how you can tone your body by jumping rope.

Benefits of Jumping Rope

Most people have jumped rope before, during physical education classes or on the playground in childhood. Jumping rope offers a number of fitness benefits for adults, however, including:

  • Jumping rope increases your agility and hand eye coordination.
  • Jumping rope tones the muscles of the lower body.
  • Jumping rope strengthens core muscles and can help to improve posture.
  • Jumping rope tones your whole body.
  • Jumping rope burns an average of ten calories per minute. You can burn more calories in 20 minutes of jumping rope than you can in 30 minutes of jogging, so it’s also a great fitness routine for those who are short on time.

Jumping Rope to Tone Your Body

If you’d like to try jumping rope to tone your body, buy a weighted jump rope. These jump ropes are no more expensive than ordinary jump ropes, but they’re designed for fitness rather than for play, because they’re a little heavier than ordinary jump ropes. Weighted jump ropes help to tone the muscles of your arms and chest as well as the muscles of the core and lower body.

You’ll need comfortable shoes if you’re planning to jump rope for fitness. Running shoes are ideal because they can help absorb the impact of your jumps and skips, lowering the risk of stress damage to your joints. You’ll also need comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely, and a jumping area that offers plenty of space so your jump rope won’t collide with the walls or ceiling. Jump rope on a smooth floor surface if possible; you run a higher risk of hurting yourself if you jump rope on an uneven surface.

Jump Rope Moves for Fitness

The key to jumping rope for fitness is to vary your footwork. If you try to jump rope continuously with the same foot movement (for instance, a hop or skip), you’ll find that after about ten minutes or so, muscle fatigue causes you to miss the jump, costing you time and making it difficult to raise your heart rate. Change to a different type of jump every ten jumps or so to avoid this. Try hopping over the rope with both feet at once; then switch to hopping over the rope one foot at a time; then switch to skipping over the rope; then start over with a two footed hop.

Jump rope continuously for 15 to 20 minutes three to five times a week. You can increase your workout time as you gain strength. 


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