Toning Your Biceps during Pregnancy

Toning exercises are a great way to help keep the body in good shape during pregnancy. One place to focus on while toning is the arms.  Toned arms won’t help ease the pain of child birth, but after giving birth, toned arms will be of great value. Newborns are held often and the arms of the mother can get tired quickly. With toned arms, holding a newborn can be done for longer periods of time.  Also, newborns require a lot of gear when going out. The diaper bag can easily become heavy and with toned arms, holding the gear and a newborn will not be that much of a chore.

Exercises for Toned Arms

When looking to tone the arms, try the bicep curl. This is an exercise that can be done whether or not a person is pregnant. This exercise can be done with weights or with a resistance band. Bicep curls, in general, are fine for pregnant women to do. But caution should be taken with the actual amount of weight that is used. For beginners, weights between two and five pounds should be used. For women with more experience working out, they can use more weight. However, they should not use more than a 12 pound weight.

Bicep Curl with Weights

When doing a bicep curl, make sure that you keep the proper posture and grip the weights correctly. Grip them tightly and stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Do no lock the knees. Keep the elbows in and keep the chest up. Raise the weights up together and bring the weights up towards the shoulders. When the forearms are perpendicular with the floor, hold the weight for a second. Lower the weights and then repeat the exercise. Repeat 8 -10 times. Take your time doing this exercise. Take a break if it is needed. If you’re in too much pain, the exercise is being overdone and less intensity needs to be used.

Bicep Curls with a Resistance Band

Bicep curls can also be done with a resistance band. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, one end of the band in each hand. Make sure the knees are not locked and kept soft. Gripping the handles and keeping the elbows in, lift the arms up to the shoulders. Hold this position for a second and then lower the arms back down. Exhale at the exertion and inhale on the relaxation. Repeat this exercise 8–10 times and take breaks if needed.

When doing any exercise, be sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after the workout. This is especially true with pregnant women. Listen to your body and do not push yourself too far. Take breaks if needed, do fewer repetitions if necessary or even take a day off if your body is telling you to do so. Doing the exercises right and in proper form will exert less stress on your body and the results will be seen sooner.


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