Toning Muscles with Fitness Shoes

Fitness shoes are a new type of shoe which allows the wearers to tone their muscles to a greater extent while walking than ordinary shoes. Fitness shoes are usually made with a unique collapsible heel and are intended to mimic the experience of walking through sand or other rough terrain.

Tone the Leg Muscles

Fitness shoes allow the heel to fall lower than the pad of the foot with every step, which extends the muscles and tendons of the leg further than ordinary shoes will. These muscles also have to exert more energy in pulling the heel up. While it is not much more energy for each step, put together the hundreds of steps in a long walk and it can add up to a lot more exercise for your muscles. In fact, the fitness shoes elongate the muscles of the leg so much, they can be dangerous for women who wear high heels constantly, as they tend to have shortened Achilles tendons. Such women should ease into wearing fitness shoes by wearing them for only very short walks at first. This will ensure that they don’t strain their leg muscles too much, too fast.

Fitness shoes also create an unstable walking surface by rocking the foot with each step. This encourages your leg muscles to work harder in order to keep your body upright. Even simply standing calmly in the fitness shoes can increase your metabolism and activate the muscles of the foot.

Tone the Abdominal Muscles

By creating an unstable surface during a walk, the fitness shoes also encourage the abdominals to come into play. The core abdominal muscles, which are important for back support and posture, are activated in order to balance the body, and will become toned from the extra work. Core abdominals are often neglected, as they can be difficult to isolate. But toning them can help reduce back and neck pain and improve posture and well being.

Aid a Workout

Fitness shoes were originally developed to help rehabilitate people with ankle injuries. However, they can provide relief for many different conditions, such as back pain, joint pain, arthritis, and many more. They can help with increased circulation, as well as encouraging the legs and spine to align in a healthy way that can provide relief from strain. They also provide support for the feet and activate muscles that might not otherwise be exerted during a walk.

So, many people with painful and exhausting conditions who might not otherwise be able to take a long walk, may experience improved muscle tone from walking in fitness shoes. In fact, some insurance companies will cover the cost of certain brands of fitness shoes. They are not suitable for everyone, however and a doctor should be consulted before using them to treat a condition.

Fitness shoes can be a valuable aid to toning the muscles. They will not provide the same results that regular workouts at the gym would, however they will provide small improvements in muscle tone that will add up over the long term.


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