Tone Like a Female Fitness Model

When trying to get in shape, it’s common to look for inspiration, especially from the great body of a female fitness model.  A few toning cues from their workouts will take your sweat sessions to the next level and get you results faster than you’d expect.  The skill and weight is surprisingly within reach!

The key to a female fitness model workout is to keep your body moving for the entire workout (or working the same body part with a different move in succession), and to add weight, weight, and more weight!  Resistance training is the key to that sexy “fitness model” physique. Of course you will have to add more workouts to your weekly schedule, but a little fat burn will move you a long way.


Most women fear adding too much weight to squats and lunges, but especially to curls and other upper body exercises. It’s a common misconception that adding weight will make you bulk up or look too “ripped”.  Realistically, it’s extremely difficult for women to get strong enough while simultaneously burning enough fat to get bulky. Adding weight, however, will help you burn more calories and fat at a faster rate. Many women lift a low amount of weight and speed through 15 reps, but could probably knock out 25 or 30 with no muscle fatigue.  Unfortunately, this practice doesn’t build much strength and doesn’t burn many calories. The weight should be heavy enough that 15 reps is difficult, especially on the last set.

When they transition to increased resistance, many fitness models use higher weight for as many reps as they can, then drop the weight by a few pounds to complete 15 reps.


Supersetting is a great way to hone in on different body parts.  Try doing 15 pull ups, followed by 15 push ups with no rest in between.  On the lower half, do 15 squats, then 15 lunges.  Or work opposing muscles in succession without rest–try bicep curls then tricep dips, so you are working the front of the arm, then immediately the back of the arm.

Body Moving

Keeping your body moving is the most important thing to achieving a lean, model quality body.  Constant movement burns more calories with the increased intensity, helps fatigue muscles to build strength and eeks out that last bit of power you have left after each set too increase your endurance.  Juxtapose strength exercises with calisthenics to burn calories and tone your body during the entire workout. To do this, you can focus on calorie burn or superset style exercises

Calorie Burn

Choose calisthenics for their calorie burning properties, like burpees that work the entire body, or running sprints, suicides, or jumping rope between sets.  You’ll burn about 10 calories per minute with these exercises.  Complete two exercises, then one minute of calorie blasting cardio.

Superset Exercises

Add plyometric moves to cut lean muscles like a fitness model.  Try completing a set of squats then a set of 15 jump squats or tuck jumps. Lunges followed by jumping split lunges or leg press followed by 15 reps jumping on a workout bench are great options.

Now all you need to do is log 4 sessions like this a week. Complete at least 30 minutes or so of cardio each day to burn fat. Most fitness models keep their body fat around 14-17 percent, and incorporate strength training for about 45-60 minutes with each workout. Plan a day of rest between those or work different muscles on different days to slim down and tone up. Cover shot, here you come!


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