Tone Inner Thighs With These Exercises

If you’re looking to tone your inner thighs, you probably know its an area significantly more difficult to tone than other parts of your body. While regular cardiovascular exercise and eating a healthy balanced diet will undoubtedly help you slenderize your thighs, you can take it one step forward by doing targeted strength moves in that area. Fortunately, there are several exercises you can do on a regular basis that can lead to effective results–many don’t even require any gym equipment!

Pilates-Based Leg Movements

If you aren’t doing pilates, now is the time to start. Many of the leg movements in a pilates workout target your inner and outer thighs and are designed to give you long, lean muscles.

One of the basic moves is a single leg circle. Lie on your back with your legs extended straight out in front of you. Lift one leg up in the air so that your legs create a 90 degree angle. Begin to make small circles in the air with the lifted leg. From there, widen the circle so that you swoop your lifted leg down and around in a controlled movement that feels like you’re drawing a large oval in the air.

Another great move is the inner thigh leg lift. Lie on your side with your hips stacked and your legs at a 10 degree angle out from your body (one leg directly on top of the other). Lift the top leg into the air, bend at the knee and bring that foot flat on the ground so that your legs look somewhat like a pretzel. Now begin to lift and pulse the extended bottom leg off of the ground. You should be able to feel your inner thigh working.

Other At-Home Movements

This particular move can be done in your living room while your favorite television show is on: sit with your legs open in a V in front of you. Lift one leg up in the air, pointing your toes as you do. Bend your lifted leg at the knee and bring your toes in so that they touch the knee on your opposite leg. Bring it in and out several times. You’ll feel the burn right away. After you’ve done about ten or twelve reps, return to the V shape with the same leg still lifted. Begin circling that leg in the air in tiny movements. Switch sides and repeat both exercises with your opposite leg.

Movements Using Gym Equipment

You can target your inner thighs with weight machines specifically designed for your legs and thighs. The thigh adductor machine is the best one to use. You’ll sit in the machine with your legs open and bent at the knees with the pads firmly pressed against your knees or lower inner thighs. The farther apart you widen the pads, the more difficult it will be. Do about three sets of twelve reps.

Remember that there is no such thing as spot-reducing. For the best results in slimming and toning your inner thighs, incorporate these movements with full body strength training and cardiovascular exercise routines.


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