Tips for Diet and Exercise with Cardio Myopathy

Cardiomyopathy is a serious condition in which heart muscles become inflamed and lose their functionality, the two most common types of which are Ischemic and hypertropic cardiomypathy. Ischemic cardiomypathy is caused by a shortage of blood supply and oxygen due to blood vessel blockage, constriction or aneurysm. As a result, your heart muscles become malnourished and poorly developed. Hypertropic cardiomyopathy occurs when your heart is abnormally enlarged and your heart muscles and valves are over stretched. In both of these cases, your heart muscles become too weak to pump sufficient blood to your brain, organ and muscles. Your heart may become arrhythmic, flutter or burned out. In severe cases, you may be subjected to atrial fibrillation, congestive heart failure or sudden cardiac arrest.

There are several underlying causes of cardiopathy, such as high blood pressure, artery diseases, congenital heart defects or bacterial or viral infections of heart muscles. It can also be a form of complication caused by other disease like diabetes, malnutrition and alcoholism. Often times, you can reverse the condition and prevent fatal attacks with a change of lifestyle.

Diet Cuts

A critical element in preventing and treating ischemic cardiomypathy is by reducing your blood fat. You should not eat foods that are high in saturated fat and cholesterol which are the culprits in causing blood clots and vessel blockages. Switch from whole dairy products to low or nonfat ones. If you can, try drinking soy or almond milk instead of cow milk. Not only are these alternatives naturally free of saturated fat and cholesterol, they also contain heart-healthy good fats which can accelerate cholesterol removal, reduce your blood pressure and condition your blood vessels.

There are lots of heart-healthy nutrients in eggs even though egg yolks are high in cholesterol. Studies have shown that the cholesterol from one egg yolk does not cause a rise in your blood cholesterol. However, since one egg yolk already takes up 70% of your entire daily allowance, you should take care not to eat more than one per day.

Stay away from fatty animal meat and opt for lean poultry or fish. Shellfish like shrimp and lobsters do not have a lot of fat, but they are high in cholesterol.

Take Extra Omega-3s

Omega-3 fatty acids, especially the DHA and EPA from fatty coldwater fish, are extremely beneficial for your heart and blood vessels. These good fats can help reduce your blood fat and clean out your plaque deposits. They are also effective in blood pressure control. Additionally, omega-3s help protect your blood vessels from oxidative free radicals, making them less sensitive to injuries and blood pressure changes.

The best way to stock up on omega-3s is to eat lots of fatty coldwater fish like tuna, salmon or cod. These fish have the highest content of DHA and EPA in natural. By eating fish, not only will you be well supplied with omega-3s, you will also ingest significant amount of other heart-healthy antioxidants and nutrients. If you cannot have fish in your diet, make sure to take extra fish oil supplement daily to protect your heart.

Do Not Overwork Your Heart

Daily exercise is necessary to condition your heart muscles. But if you have cardiomypathy, you should choose the gentler exercises. Walk instead of run. Always be mindful of your heart rate to prevent overexertion. Walk outdoors for better oxygenation and bring extra water to keep hydrated.


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