Tightening Skin after Weight Loss: 3 Belly Toning Exercises

Tightening skin in the tummy area after weight loss is one of the many steps that an individual takes to achieve the body she desires. Getting rid of unsightly, wrinkly, loose, and oftentimes hanging skin can prove to be frustrating to some people. Some people resort to cosmetic procedures. They are easier and faster and the results are instantaneous. Some prefer the natural way–belly toning exercises. It will not only burn more fat, but it will also build core muscles as well.

How Belly Toning Exercises Tighten Loose Skin

Abdominal exercises target the muscles in the tummy area. They are important in building core strength. Abdominal exercises are necessary to replace the fats and muscle fats that an individual has lost in that region. By tightening the muscles under the skin, the skin will follow suit and will eventually be tightened and toned.

Here are the belly toning exercises that will help you get those firmer, tighter abs:

1. Torso Twist

This exercise targets mostly the 2 muscles–external and internal oblique. These muscles are what defines the waist and are located on the sides. They are the muscles responsible for torso rotation. One of the ways to perform this exercise is by lying in a supine position (face-up) with knees bent forming a reverse letter V.  Arms can either be crossed in front of the chest or placed under the head with elbows on the side. By contracting the abs, lift the upper body and touch the right shoulder with the left knee. Do the same thing with the left shoulder touching the right knee.

2. Crunches

This exercise focuses on rectus abdominis–the muscles in front of the abdominal wall. A well toned rectus abdominis results to what is commonly known as a 6-pack. The position is the same as the torso twist with just the goal of lifting the upper body up with several repetitions. The key to this exercise is contracting the muscles from the abdomen and getting the strength from there. One of the common mistakes that may result to a discomfort is the use of the neck muscles to lift the upper body.

3. Crisscross

This exercise targets both the rectus abdominis and the obliques. The starting position is supine lying with the legs lifted up, knees bent forming a 90 degree angle, and the hands behind the head, elbows on the sides. Curl up raising the head, neck and shoulders off the floor. While inhaling, twist and touch the left elbow with the right knee with the left leg extended diagonally. Exhale and twist to the other side and touch the right elbow to the left knee with the right leg extended diagonally.

There are several other exercises that can be helpful in toning the belly. Toe dips, leg circles, back extensions with rotation and leg kicks are some of them. The results may not be as immediate as a tummy tuck, but they will be more rewarding.


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