Three Ways to Prevent Weight Gain after a Hysterectomy

Weight gain after hysterectomy procedures is a common response. Many women who receive this procedure find that the tendency to gain weight for the few weeks or months immediately after is dramatic. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid gaining weight after a hysterectomy, but it does require careful attention and planning.

The main reasons why people gain weight after hysterectomy procedures are the same as those reasons for why people gain weight generally. The total number of calories ingested must exceed the total number of calories burned off through activity in order for weight gain to occur. By ensuring that this balance remains in check, you can prevent weight gain and maintain a healthy, stable weight. The benefits of maintaining your weight following your procedure are many, but the most directly applicable will likely be that a stable weight generally helps to aid in the recovery process following the surgery.

1. Maintain Activity Levels

One of the msot difficult things about a hysterectomy procedure is that, being a fully invasive and intense procedure, it does require a fair bit of recuperation. During this time, it’s likely that you’ll need to spend a significant portion of your time resting and staying off of yoru feet. While it can be hard to maintain activity during this time period, and it’s crucial that you do allow your body the time to rest and recover that your doctors and surgeons recommend, it’s also important to not allow the recuperation period to influence your total energy and activity levels after the recovery as well.

Ensure that you take the gradual steps necessary to be active again, with your doctors’ permission. This will help to burn off the calories that you may have gained while remaining inactive as you recover.

2. Adjust Diet Accordingly

Be aware of the fact that you’ll be more likely to lower your activity and exercise levels for the few weeks or months after your surgery. Adjust the numberof calories that you take in accordingly. Because you’ll want the calories that you bring in to more closely match the number of calories that you burn off, it’s a good idea to slightly lower the size of your meals in order to match. However, it’s crucial that you still provide your body with the necessary nutrients and benefits that it needs in order to properly facilitate recovery.

3. Help to Speed Up Metabolism

Help to speed up your metabolism in order to burn off additional calories. Ask your doctor for a list of foods that he or she recommends in order to help your metabolism to continue to function at a normal rate. There may also be medicines or supplements that you can take to assist in this process as well. Having an active metabolism will help you to keep foods moving through your system and therefore will prevent you from gaining weight following your hysterectomy surgery.

For additional information about how to prevent weight gain after a hysterectomy, and before you plan any exercise or diet strategy after your surgery, speak with a doctor for a professional opinion related to your particular case.


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