Three Healthy Snacks for the Body Ecology Diet

The Body Ecology Diet is a way of eating that improves the ecology of your organs and systems. It is based on the principle that the digestive, immune, circulatory, endocrine, and nervous systems are all interdependent and work together.  Donna Gates created this diet after years of experience with her own battle of digestive and immune disorders. By following certain guidelines regarding the maintenance of “good” bacteria in your digestive tract, you can optimize your wellness and health. Having “good” bacteria in your digestive tract will aid with digestion and promote a healthy immune system.

Try these healthy snacks that follow the principles of the Body Ecology Diet:

Cultured Vegetables

Cultured vegetables are an excellent way to create a probiotic environment for your digestive tract. A homemade version is the best to insure that the vegetables are unpasteurized. Use natural sea salt and an airtight jar. Try eating a wide variety of any combination of your favorite low-starch veggies as a regular part of your diet. Some examples are greens (especially hearty greens such as collards, kale, and mustard greens for a higher nutrition count), bok choy, sea vegetables (Nori), cabbage, herbs, and mushrooms. Cultured vegetables can have a pickled flavor and make a yummy snack!


Yogurt has long been touted as a probiotic. However, not all yogurts are created equally, and you must choose wisely in order to get the benefit of healthy flora inhabiting your digestive tract. Choose “live culture” yogurts only. You also want to choose yogurts that are very low in sugar to prevent feeding the unwanted yeast. Kefir is strongly recommended over yogurt. It has more nutritional value and has the yeast and bacteria that are more effective than the ones found in yogurt. It also offers additional yeast and bacteria that is not found in yogurt and is easier to digest than yogurt.


Nuts are bursting with nutrition and make an excellent snack. They have healthy fats, which promote a healthy heart. Almonds are the best choice if you are just starting the Body Ecology Diet, since they are the least acidic. A low pH environment is optimal for a thriving ecosystem. Pistachios, walnuts, pecans, and cashews are great as well. Remember to eat your nuts with another carbohydrate to maintain the “80/20 rule” (80% non-starchy vegetable and 20% protein is the ideal meal ratio to support a balanced digestive tract.) Eat your nuts raw or dehydrated only. Some essential enzymes and nutrients are depleted from roasted nuts.

So if you are trying to cleanse your body, increase your energy levels, or lose weight, add these snack ideas to help you adhere to the principles of the Body Ecology Diet. They’re delicious, and of course, your body will thank you!



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