Three Healthy Desserts Using Apricots

Apricots are a wonderful fruit that are full of rich flavor. They’re also a great source of a number of different vitamins and minerals. Apricots can aid in digestion due to their high concentrations of fiber, and they also are excellent sources of vitamins C and A. Because they are also sweet, many people attempt to include them in desserts for a healthier alternative to a standard dessert recipe.

Apricot desserts that are on the healthier side include a number of different dishes, all of which have a few things in common. Typically, they will not contain much added sugar, if any. Apricots already have a good load of sugar, although it is natural and healthier than processed sugars that you’re likely to find in many types of desserts. They’ll also be low in fat and sodium as well for the same reason.

1. Low-Fat ice Cream with Apricot Preserves

Low-fat ice cream is healthy because it has protein and calcium with little fat and few calories. This can also be substituted with frozen yogurt as well for an even greater nutritional boost. In order to enhance the flavor of your ice cream or your frozen yogurt, consider adding some apricot preserves or even raw apricots to the top. As a great flavor enhancer, the apricots will not only aid in the overall experience of eating the ice cream, but will also serve to help augment the total nutritional benefits that you can get from eating it as well.

2. Apricot Cobbler

If you prepare it correctly and according to a healthy recipe, an apricot cobbler can be a very delicious and also surprisingly nutritious dessert. Apricot cobbler can be prepared with a minimum of fat and sodium to allow for the natural flavors of the apricot and the cobbler crust and filling to shine through. Be careful, however, as the number of apricots required for this dish typically require that you also include a lot of sugar in the dish in order to sweeten it to taste. Leave out the extra sugar and make use of the natural sugar in the fruit.

3. Apricot Brownies

Just as apples can be mashed into sauce and cooked into brownies for a healthier alternative to standard oils and eggs, so too can apricots. Make an apricot preserve or an apricot sauce and use that in equal portion to the oil and eggs for a batch of brownies. This will provide a slightly apricot flavored tinge to the brownies that many people find to be enjoyable, and it will simultaneously lower the total calories and fat that you’ll get from eating those brownies as well. Additional apricot preserves can be drizzled over the top as a flavor enhancer as well.

You can also try eating plain apricots as a tasty and light dessert that is rich in natural sugars too.


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