Three Foods to Avoid on the Fresh Diet

The Fresh Diet delivers quality, healthy food directly to your door, taking a lot of the guesswork out of dieting. While you will not have to worry about restricted foods very much on this diet because meals are prepared by the Fresh Diet company, there are still some items that should be avoided while you are on this diet.

What is the Fresh Diet?

The Fresh Diet is a food delivery service that serves Florida, New York and several other metropolitan areas in the United States. The premise of the food served on the diet coincides with the principles of the Zone Diet by Dr. Sears, though it is not technically affiliated with the diet. All food delivered on the Fresh Diet is fresh, never frozen or vacuum packed. The Fresh Diet takes the guesswork out of dieting, while providing healthy and delicious food, including 3 meals and 2 snacks daily.

While there are no completely prohibited foods on this diet, some foods that will be served in small portions and minimized as part of your participation in the Fresh Diet include:

Fresh Diet Foods to Avoid #1: Milk

The Fresh Diet does not believe that milk is a good source of calcium for much of the population, considering that many people are lactose intolerant and there are more nutritious ways to get calcium. While you are allowed to drink some milk in moderation, you will be getting plenty of calcium from food sources such as leafy greens while on this diet. So the need to drink milk to satisfy your calcium intake is minimized.

Fresh Diet Foods to Avoid #2: Alcohol

Alcohol is also not completely prohibited, but because of its negative effects on insulin levels and weight loss, it is recommended that you limit your consumption to less than a couple of drinks a week. Excessive alcohol consumption has been related to quicker aging, breast cancer and toxic effects on cells. However, alcohol can also be beneficial to the heart and overall health when used in moderation. Because you are dieting, alcohol should be limited.

Fresh Diet Foods to Avoid #3: Rice, Bagels & Pasta

While the Fresh Diet’s meal selection does not include restricting all carbohydrates, it does support getting the bulk of your carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables instead of rice, bagels, pasta and bread. While both are necessary for your body’s health, the minerals, nutrients and vitamins contained in fruits and vegetables far outweigh those contained in starchy carbohydrates sources like pasta, bread, rice and bagels. For that reason, the foods prepared on the Fresh Diet include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Because the Fresh Diet is a prepared meal food service, you don’t have to watch prohibited foods as closely, as you should only be eating foods already completely prepared by the Fresh Diet company. However, this healthy style of eating and avoiding the foods listed above can transfer over into your post-diet lifestyle to help you stay on track with your weight-loss goals.


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