Thinking Clearly With Brain Food For Your Diet

By eating a good brain food diet, you can help yourself concentrate better, stay motivated, magnify your memory, speed your reaction times and defuse stress. Knowing the right foods to eat can help your brain work at its optimal level.

What is the Best Brain Food?

Recent evidence has shown that a diet comprised highly of fatty foods (and low levels of fruits and vegetables) is not only are bad for your heart (and linked to several cancers), but is also a major cause of depression and aggression.

The best kinds of fats for your brain are those that come from fish, specifically Omega-3 fatty acids. Even if you stick to the recommended levels of fats in your diet, but don’t eat this kind of fat, you are undermining your intelligence.

Omega-3s are crucial components of the outer membrane of brain cells. All nerve signals must pass through fat-rich cell membranes, and as learning and memory creates new connections between nerve cells, new membranes must be formed to sheathe them. Research now shows that omega-3s are the best suited for helping refresh these brain cell membranes with a new supply of fatty acids.

Vitamins for Brain Food

Another vitamin that helps to boost alertness, memory and stress resistance is choline, the fat-like B vitamin found in eggs. Mood and mental performance can also be powerfully influenced by B vitamins.

By making sure you eat the recommended amount of omega-3s and by taking a B vitamin supplement, you can greatly enhance your brain function and start thinking clearer than ever.




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