Think You're Too Busy To Eat Right? Think Again

Do you think that you’re too busy to eat right? Think again! Eating right in today’s society may be difficult because of your busy schedule, but overcoming the challenge just takes some planning and a little bit of preparation time. Do you regularly make that trip for burgers or fried chicken on the way home just so you don’t have to deal with making dinner? Well, it takes no time at all to plan and prepare a healthy meal:


Take a few minutes to think before you make your grocery list. What are some healthy alternatives that you could throw together quickly? Make your list and stick to it. Impulse buying of junk food in the grocery store is a big problem. If you do not buy it, you will not have it in your house, so you cannot eat it.

Be sure to think about not only meals but also healthy snacks. Fruits, nuts, and vegetables that can be eaten raw are all good choices. Many of these can even be purchased in single-serving packages so you can take them along when you are on the run. Always be sure to take a quick, healthy snack with you when you go out to run errands. Grab something that you can simply toss into your bag or briefcase, just in case you get hungry. If you have a good choice available, you should be less tempted to grab that bag of chips and soda at the convenience store.


This tip will not only help you to eat healthier, but it will save you some money as well. Have you ever calculated how much you spend on those little prepackaged convenience meals? In addition, have you ever looked at the ingredients? Half of the ingredients in those little gems are most likely chemicals, and the meals are typically more expensive then cooking a meal yourself from scratch.

Try making your own. Spend one day on the weekend just cooking some very simple basic ingredients. It takes as much time to cook one chicken breast as it does five or six. You can put some chicken and fish on a big broiling pan in the oven, and season each one a little differently. You can cook a big pot of brown rice, and steam a variety of vegetables all at the same time. Divide them up into meals and package them in little storage containers with dividers and lids. Then store them in the refrigerator or freezer to be heated up in the microwave at mealtime.

The Pay Off

While it does take some extra planning in order to eat right when you are busy, it can be done. After a short while, you will see that a small investment of time will pay off in a big way. There is nothing better than feeling good physically and knowing that you are doing everything you can to make sure that you are making the right choices for your body.


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