The Zone

Dr Barry Sears has written literally a shelf full of books based on the science that supports living in “The Zone”. The Zone is the spot we get ourselves in to when we are eating in certain ratios prescribed by Dr Sears. It reportedly causes an effect on our body that puts us in a ‘zone’.  It’s in this zone that our bodies apparently overcome cravings, metabolize food perfectly, and our bodies become fat burning machines with a synchronized hormone system. All without any hunger, according to testimonials.

Food is counted in blocks. Some people found the original formulas quite challenging, so Dr Sears wrote a book of block counts, for quick and easy calculations. Dr Sears helps you calculate how many blocks you can eat per day. In general, women will eat 11 blocks of food per day, and men will eat 14 blocks of food per day.  This means if you eat 11 blocks of food, you will have 11 blocks of protein, 11 blocks of carbs and 11 blocks of fat. Different foods are worth different block values. For instance, one block of protein is equal to 1 ounce of chicken, 1 1/2 ounces of deli ham, or 3 strips of turkey bacon. For one block of fat, you can have 1/3 teaspoon of olive oil, or 3 olives, or 2 cashews. Without the block guide, this would be a very difficult diet to stick with! However, having the block guide doesn’t get you completely off the hook. Eating single items are fairly easy, but creating your own recipes can be difficult to find the way to mix the allowed amount of each category, and still taste good.

The diet gets some negative feedback due to the difficulty that some people have in calculating the meals – some people have no trouble at all with counting blocks or calculating the portions. Others find it very difficult or time consuming, and when mixed with the general discomfort of starting a diet, they find it too hard to even stick with at all. If you like a diet with guidelines and formulas (not to mention that many people swear they don’t get hungry when they eat in The Zone), this is the diet for you. If you prefer a more relaxed approach, keep looking.


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