The Vision Fitness Exercise Bike

Vision Fitness Exercise Bikes come in a full-line of upright and semi-recumbent bikes and are very highly-rated for their durability and extensive features. With prices ranging from $500 for a basic upright bike, to $1600 for a semi-recumbent bike, Vision Fitness has a great selection of products for any price range. These bikes have consistently been rated a best buy by consumers and have received numerous awards since the company’s inception in 1995.

Features and Benefits

All models tout a quiet workout and smooth and comfortable pedal motion, making a comfortable workout. The bottom-end bike features 8 levels of resistance, where as the upper-end models have up to 20 resistance levels. All Vision Fitness bikes include standard Contact Hand Pulse Grips to accurately monitor your heart rate throughout your workout.

The top-of-the-line bikes feature a Quiet-GlideTM drive system that creates less tension and extends the life of the bike. It has a mesh seat that can be adjusted, to keep users cool and comfortable with its quality lumbar support. Additionally, the magnetic braking system provides you with friction free resistance that comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Vision Fitness bikes are recognized by customers for having a great extensive warranty and long lifespan. The additional back support on the semi-recumbent models is also a big plus for those with back problems.


Overall, Vision Fitness has many quality bikes covering the different price ranges. The upper-end semi-recumbent bikes have greater performance and features, but the $500 range bikes are a great value for a quality upright as well.



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