The Very Low Calorie Diet: 3 Great Snacks

A very low calorie diet is a diet where your calorie count is restricted to around 600 to 800 calories a day. On such a diet, it may be difficult to find snacks to help get you through the day between meals. Most snack foods are high in calories, and if snacking is not kept in check, you can gobble up most of your points before dinner. Here are a few snack ideas that you can try while on a very low calorie diet.

Snack #1: Vegetables

Vegetables are the ultimate snacking food while on a very low calorie diet. They are extremely low in calories, as well as high in fiber. They will give you a feeling of fullness without actually adding a lot of calories. While you cannot have an unlimited about of vegetables between meals, it may seem like it sometimes.

Vegetables can also be prepared in numerous ways to keep you from becoming bored. You can eat them raw, which makes them the perfect snack for on the go! You can toss them together raw and make a salad—although you’ll want to pass on the dressing. Salad dressings contain a ton of calories, and they’re easy to overdo. Drizzle some lemon juice or vinegar and add a few sunflower seeds on top to give your salad some flavor. Lastly, your veggies can be cooked as snacks. Steam them for a yummy treat or mix them all together in a stir fry. Be creative!

Snack #2: Fruits

While not quite as good as vegetables, fruits can also make good snacks on a very low calorie diet. Fruits contain sugars that are higher in calories than vegetables, but they contain enough fiber to keep the calorie count lower than most sugary treats. As long as you eat fruit in moderation and keep track of the calories you consume, you can indulge your sweet tooth on your very low calorie diet guilt free. The addition of containing fiber helps to keep you full between meals as well—unlike many other sugary snacks.

Avoid fruit juices, however. The process of juicing fruits removes all the fiber from it and adds the calories for an equivalent amount of fruit. Additionally, most fruit juices have added sugar, which only adds calories to your snack.

Snack #3: Sugar Free Gelatin

With only 10 calories per serving, sugar free gelatins make an excellent snack on a very low calorie diet. Like fruits, they can help you to indulge your sweet tooth without packing on additional calories. However, unlike fruits and vegetables, gelatin does not contain a lot of fiber. Therefore, you may be able to trick your body into a feeling of fullness for a little while, snacking on these snacks may not be quite as effective as fruits and vegetables.

Use these snack ideas to be creative and come up with ideas of your own—perhaps a fruit salad or gelatin and fruit combo. Mix and match and find your own combinations that work best for you and your family. This way, you can devise some low calorie snacks without ruining all the work you’ve done on your very low calorie diet.


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