The Untold Secrets of Exercise Metabolism

A number of genetic factors play into your exercise metabolism, but thankfully there are other things that can be done to speed it up. The main factor is exercise. Though there is much hype about changing your eating and making other lifestyle adjustments to increase your metabolic rate, the easiest way to make some serious progress on burning fat and increasing metabolism is to build muscle.

How Does Exercise Influence Metabolism?

Muscle burns more calories than fat, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn at a resting metabolic rate (just to sustain you). Every pound of muscle in your body burns 35 calories a day, while each pound of fat burns only 2 calories daily.

What Exercise is Best to Increase Metabolism?

30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise burns more calories than 30 minutes of weight training, however in the hours following the end of exercise, weight training has a longer effect on boosting metabolism. Gaining some extra muscle means that you can eat more and gain less.

Aerobic Exercise for Increased Metabolism

Even though weight training increases muscle mass better than cardiovascular exercise, most health professionals recommend at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, 5 days a week. There are many alternatives to high-intensity workouts like running, including elliptical machines, stationary bikes, stair climbers and aerobic exercise classes. Any of these aerobic activities will boost your metabolic rate for up to 2 hours following your workout, so you will continue to burn more calories at rest.

Strength Training for Increased Metabolism

Strength training can boost your overall metabolic rate by up to 15%, and using more than one muscle group at a time will increase that number even further. Try combining lunges with bicep curls or squats with rows. By combining muscle groups, you work your body harder and build muscle more efficiently, in addition to improving coordination.

Jumpstart Your Metabolism

To really get a jumpstart on increasing your metabolism, combine strength training and aerobic activity to begin losing weight now. Just being more active in your daily life can work help increase your metabolism (if you were previously a sedentary person). Try walking to the store, work or around your office when possible and leave you car behind for a change.

Diet is generally touted as the solution for boosting your metabolism, but if you eat a healthy diet and still can’t lose the weight, you should look at increasing your strength training to really start dropping the pounds.


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