The Ultimate Diet Log by Suzanne Schlosberg

It’s a new year, with new weight loss goals for a new you! You can make it easier and ensure success by surrounding yourself with the right tools. 3FC is your source of online support. can help you stay on track when you log your diet intake . But what if you can’t get online? We’ve found the ultimate diet tool for your offline success. The Ultimate Diet Log, by Suzanne Schlosberg, is brand new for 2009 and just might be the the tool you need.

Suzanne Schlosberg is co-author of one of our favorite diet books, The Fat Free Truth. She also created The Ultimate Workout Log, a detailed and often updated fitness journal that can help you stay accountable and in tip top shape. In the Ultimate Diet Log, Schlosberg teams up with Cynthia Sass, dietitian and author of the best selling Flat Belly Diet. Together, they created a journal you can use to track your diet, along with many pages of advice and tips to getting the most out of your log.

The first 83 pages of the Ultimate Diet Log are filled with expert advice on nutrition and diet. Unlike many diet logs that focus just on fat and calories, this book offers a myriad of focus areas that are equally important but often overlooked. You might want to focus on getting more vegetables into your diet. Maybe you need to work on replacing animal fats with plant based fats. Do you skip meals? If so, you should focus on getting 3 meals and a snack or two every day. These and several other focus areas explained why they are important, and they take it an extra step by designing their log pages around focus areas instead of specifics that you may not be as interested in logging.

You won’t find a log for fat and calories. What you will find is a daily log sheet with room for 3 meals and 2 snacks. Each line has two columns to the side for Focus #1 and Focus #2. You decide what your focus areas are, and you can fill them in however need be. You can also notate how many minutes of exercise you did, your daily weight, and check off if you took your vitamins or other supplements. You can also fill in a daily wrap-up at the end of the day. Did you meet your goals? Write it down. At the end of each week you’ll find a weekly wrap-up page that lets you reflect a little further on your progress and outline what you may need to do differently next week.

The top of every page includes a food, fitness, or nutrition tip that’s sure to teach you something new. The log covers 26 weeks, so it’s a very affordable way to keep track and stay accountable to yourself. I plan to do just that. I bought the log just for the review, but it’s so nice that I plan to put it to use!

If you are interested in the Ultimate Diet Log, you can pick one up at all major bookstores. You can also order online at Amazon.


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  • Susan B

    On your recommendation, I bought this log and have become much more aware of my diet deficiencies and excesses. Thanks for reviewing it–a very good choice because it’s highly motivating

  • Jay Wygal

    I bought the book and have lost 30 lbs. The advice is well taken but the book allows me to not only stay focused but once a few pounds comes of you become emberaced to write the words “pizza, cookie, Pepsi”… etc…

    Keeps me focused and I’ve had a few bad weeks and it allowed me to look back to the “good weeks” to see what I was eating and what exercises I was doing to shed the weight.

    Highly suggest!

    Jay Wygal

  • JW

    All I can say is I took this book and as of 10-6-2009 I’ve lost 60 pounds with the aid of this book.

    The book won’t keep the food out of your mouth but it will open your mind to the “junk” you put in it.

    The book is priced right and there is no reason not to try it.

    I wish I’d found it a year ago.