The Truth About Toning Tables – Do They Work?

Gym enthusiasts have always been searching for more advanced exercise techniques that can provide a good, thorough workout without running down the body and increasing the probability of injury. Many trainers believe that toning tables represent such a breakthrough. But, is this just another case of something that’s too good to be true? How can a machine that seemingly does all the work for you be an effective mode of exercise?

Exploiting Your Stretch Reflex

Toning tables support a form of passive exercise and work by exploiting your body’s natural stretch reflex. Every muscle automatically reacts when it’s stretched out, whether done so through nerve signals from the brain, or from an outside apparatus. By taking your body repeatedly through the motions of normal exercise, toning tables improve overall strength motor response even in the absence of the apparatus. So, by doing assisted toning table sit-ups, you are improving your body’s ability to do real sit-ups by strengthening the same muscle group.

Proper Technique

One of the main benefits of using toning tables is that they promote proper exercise technique. Most exercise and sports related injuries are attributable to poor technique. Toning tables are perfect for beginners because they literally walk you through each exercise step by step, so you’ll know how to properly execute specific moves and techniques. Even if you’re more experienced, these devices offer a perfect refresher course on how to best execute every facet of your routine (in order to maximize results and avoid injuries due to poor technique).

Ease into Your Regimen

In addition to helping avoid injury, toning tables are also ideal for those who are just coming off an injury and looking for a low-impact program (in order to get themselves back into shape). So, if your body is to the point where you still can’t go all-out during your workouts, this device will assure that you’ll get the most out of what you’re able to put in, while improving your methodology and helping you get to the next level in a quicker, more efficient manner.

No Pain, No Gain

It should be noted, though, that in order to get the most out of a workout regimen that includes use of toning tables, you must not let the machine do everything for you. You still must exert yourself as you let the machine guide you through the process. In fact, that’s an excellent metaphor for what these devices should be seen as: guides. They’re there to show you the most efficient methods to make the most of your workout and give you the tools necessary to build the body you’ve always wanted, but they can’t be expected to do all the work. Passive exercise doesn’t necessarily mean inactive exercise.

In order to develop a more slender you, you must work with the machine instead of allowing it to work solely on you. As with every new regimen, you are encouraged to consult your physician before diving in full speed ahead.


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