The Truth About Food: What You Eat Can Change Your Life by Jill Fullerton-Smith

We all want to be healthy, lose weight the right way, and live a long life. It seems complicated because we run across so much conflicting information everywhere we turn. How much water should we drink? Will a detox really get rid of toxins in my body? Is it true calcium can help you lose weight? Is caffeine good or bad? These are just a few of the questions we frequently see on our community forum, and everyone has a different answer. Search the net and you’ll probably end up even more confused. How can what we put in our mouths be so controversial? Can’t anyone just tell us the truth?

The Truth About Food: What You Eat Can Change Your Life, written by Jill Fullerton-Smith, is based on a television series on the Discovery Health channel. This book can answer all of your question about food, and give you more to think about than you ever imagined. This book picks apart the myths surrounding how food affects our health, and they conduct scientific experiments to prove their points. If you think you’re in for a boring study, don’t worry. It’s actually a very interesting book, written to be a quick and easy read. You don’t have to read it from front to back. Pick a topic that interests you, and prepare to be enlightened.

The book is divided into six sections:
1. How to be healthy
2. How to be slim
3. How to feed the kids
4. How to be sexy
5. How to be the best
6. How to stay young and beautiful

If you’re like us, you’ll flip to the second chapter right away. The author tackle topics such as appetite, portion control, metabolism, and more. Each subject is backed up with real life examples from their science labs, which are hard to dispute. They also discuss how increased calcium actually increases weight loss! Don’t fall for the diet pills that include a little bit of calcium and make promises they can’t keep. You need to eat real food to get the benefit from calcium. Learn how, why, and just how much extra weight you can lose starting on page 63.

The first chapter, How to be healthy, is a humdinger! You’ll learn about gut flora, the importance of fiber, how broccoli fights cancer, and much more. The ever-popular topic of detoxing is very well covered here. If you’ve ever considered buying a detox kit or going on a juice fast, read this first! The truth is uncovered through the use of volunteers and some fancy tests that left nothing to doubt.

This book isn’t just about livers and guts. Did you know that garlic is nature’s Viagra? Apparently it causes the body to release nitric oxide into the bloodstream, just like Viagra. You’ll also be surprised to learn that kids don’t get sugar highs from too much birthday cake. If you don’t believe us, check out page 116.

Overall, The Truth About Food did a very good job at debunking myths and giving us a lot to think about. It’s like a small encyclopedia of hot health topics that relate to food, which we think we’ll turn to often. The next time someone asks us what foods they should eat to battle fatigue, or what is the best liver flush, we’ll know where to look for the answers. This time, we think we’ll find the truth!


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