The Truth about Cortisol

Cortisol is a natural steroid hormone, which is commonly known as the stress hormone. If you are wondering what this so-called stress hormone has to do with your weight loss plans, read on. If you are trying to loss weight, chances are you have read about, heard about, or maybe have even tried every product on the market. Perhaps, you have even made excuses for your inability to lose weight. You may have even blamed this inability on Cortisol or you may never have even heard of Cortisol.

What is Cortisol?

This stress hormone is produced by the adrenal gland cortex. Cortisol is connected directly to a number of your body’s functions. The immune system works with Cortisol to regular your body’s blood sugar. It is also directly connected to the liver’s functions.

On a daily basis, the levels of Cortisol in an individual’s body are constantly fluctuating. This hormone can rise and drop all day long. One of the biggest factors in the amount of Cortisol present on one’s body is their stress level. If an individual is under a lot of stress, the body will release cortisol in high doses.

Those with disturbed quantities of Cortisol may experience muscle weakness, fatigue, decreased arterial pressure, and abdominal pain. All though it has not been proven issues with weight have also been reported.

Cortisol’s Effect on Dieting

Research suggests there is a link between high levels of Cortisol and weight loss. Researchers believe that individuals who are stressed are likely to find themselves gaining more weight. Extra cortisol is what causes weight gain. Cortisol is used by the body’s cells to create more fat cells. Cortisol is closely related to fight or flight syndrome. This means when you are stressed, your body prepares itself for that stress. The adrenal gland produces the cortisol, which then releases sugar into the blood. This prepares the body for flight or flight; stress creates the need for energy. Under constant or chronic stress conditions, the connection between Cortisol and gaining weight is believed to occur.

Cortisol Blockers

Cortisol blockers are another weight loss and muscle building supplement that have been heavily hyped based on their claims of being able to reduce this hormone in your body. Cortisol blockers are supplements that can regular this stress hormone and increase metabolism to help with weight loss. In some individuals, reduced stress is also a side effect of Cortisol blockers. They are also believed to help assist in building muscles and are used by a large number of individuals as a supplement for muscle building.

Currently, there is not enough scientific evidence to back the claim that Cortisol Blockers do indeed block the effects of the hormone, Cortisol. It is also not clear if they can serve as a supplement for weight loss. There is no conclusive study that establishes a clear connection between high levels of Cortisol and weight gain.

In order for an individual to actual gain weight as a result of the stress hormone, they would have to be under a tremendous amount of stress for an extended period of time. Those conditions themselves are not common and not healthy for any individual. Individuals under that much stress should consult their physician.


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