The Truth about Ab Belts

Ab belts have become very popular in the diet and weight loss industry. An ab belt uses small electrical charges that are transmitted through small gel pads and then transmitted into your abdominal muscles. These small electrical charges stimulate the muscles throughout your abdominal region to contract and loosen rapidly. This rapid and repeated contraction and loosening is supposed to tighten and tone your abdominal muscles and give you that toned six pack look. At least that’s the claim of the manufacturers.

The Claims

The manufacturers of ab belts make some impressive claims. Some of the infomercials for these ab belts say that you can lose pounds and inches and tone your abdominal muscles while sitting on the couch watching TV. If you don’t have time or the desire to exercise, according to the infomercials, don’t worry; strap on an ab belt, sit down, and let the ab belt exercise your abdominals for you. Some of the infomercials will go so far as to say that you really don’t even have to modify your diet or monitor what you eat to lose weight and inches.

The Studies

Study results will vary depending on who has sponsored or undertaken the studies. During the infomercials, you’ll hear from spokespeople that will tell you that they lost incredible amounts of weight and inches and went from no stomach muscles to absolutely sculpted six pack abs in a matter of weeks, only using their ab belts. Some of the more honest spokespeople will tell you that they either incorporated their ab belt usage into an overall fitness routine or into a combination of ab belt usage and healthy dietary patterns. The really honest ones will tell you that their ab belt was a key part of an overall dietary and fitness regimen. But, all will tell you that they owe their beautifully sculpted bodies to their ab belts. Some of the infomercials will present evidence from “independent laboratory testing” to prove their claims.

Independent University Testing

A few university medical departments undertook studies on the claims made by most of the ab belt makers to verify the validity of these claims. Very few of the results you will hear in the infomercials were able to be reproduced by these universities. In fact, most university studies showed no significant weight loss, additional strength or endurance in the abdominal muscles of study subjects or increased tone to the muscles of the abdominal regions.

According to these independent laboratory tests, in order for these claims to be true, the amount of current that your body and muscles will have to absorb would be at least painful and at worst harmful. According to these university tests, the most effective way for you to lose weight and tone your abdominal muscles is to eat healthy and exercise.

Whether or not you believe that you can lose weight and tone your abdominal muscles will depend on whose tests and studies you believe.


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