The Thermogenic Weight Loss Diet: Sample Meal Plan

The thermogenic weight loss diet — sometimes called the fresh start diet — became popular for one good reason: the person behind it, Cathi Graham, is a testament of its effectiveness. It also promises faster weight loss because it speeds up a dieter’s metabolic and thermogenic rate. In fact, the person may lose as much as 10 pounds in just seven days.

Here are the basics of the thermogenic diet. Eat fruits and vegetables, as well as red meat and dairy, in moderation. Rarely consume breads, sweets, and pastas. Alcohol is discouraged.

To jump-start the diet, here is a one-day sample menu:

Breakfast: Egg White Omelet

Because of the belief that the egg yolk can increase the level of cholesterol, it is usually excluded when making an egg omelet. The same is true here in the thermogenic diet. To give the omelet a completely new twist and even flavor, include nectarine and cooked turkey bacon. Cook the ingredients in coconut oil and pair the omelet with whole wheat bread.

Make sure that the egg is fresh and organic and the whole wheat bread is what it says it is. Some loaves come with a “whole wheat” label even if they are not. It is best to buy all the ingredients from a reputable organic shop.

Morning Snack: Fruit Cocktail

No, this does not mean the canned fruit cocktail on the grocery stores. They already contain very high sugar content because of the syrup. One is free to create his or her own fruit cocktail, perhaps according to the person’s well-loved fruits or those that are currently in season. Here is a good idea. Combine apricots, apples, berries, and honeydew for a sweet yet tangy cocktail.

One has to remember though that a morning snack is not usually part of the thermogenic diet menu plan. However, consider having one if the calorie provided by the breakfast does not provide enough sustenance or when the stomach starts to crave for something.

Lunch: Greek Salad

Also known as horiatiki salata, the authentic Greek salad makes an excellent pause in a rather hectic daily life. It is also very easy to prepare. One just has to combine lemon juice, a clove of garlic, red onion, cucumber, ground black pepper, olives, dried oregano, sea salt, tomatoes, and feta cheese cut in very small cubes.

Though it is a salad, it already gives you 200 calories. It is best not to take any other food besides this during lunch to avoid increasing calorie intake.

Afternoon Snacks: Raw Carrots

It is normal for someone who is starting on a diet to feel hungry for most times of the day. In the afternoon, instead of grabbing coffee and the most convenient junk food in the snack bar, chop raw baby carrots. One can eat them plain or with a hummus dip.

It is okay to use the commercial hummus, but again, it is much better if it is bought from an organic store.

Dinner: Baked Salmon

Fill the body with the essential omega-3 fatty acids courtesy of the bakes salmon. Complete the dinner with steamed vegetables and a side green salad.


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