The Theory Behind Subliminal Weight Loss

Subliminal weight loss products have become more and more prevalent. Subliminal audio tapes, images and videos are marketed to dieters, asserting that listening to these messages or watching these images will lead to weight loss. The effectiveness of subliminal weight loss techniques has been studied, rendering inconclusive results.

The Definition of Subliminal

When something is subliminal, it is operating in a realm that is outside of consciousness. Manufacturers of subliminal weight loss products claim that the subliminal messages hidden in their products have an impact on your behavior and motives. Subliminal products have been created for a variety of purposes, including the acceleration of weight loss.

The Messages in Subliminal Weight Loss Products

When you purchase a subliminal weight loss CD, the hidden messages you receive will revolve around statements that induce healthy behaviors that lead to weight loss. The statements are in the first person: “I enjoy eating fruits.” The messages paint a picture of health, fitness, vitality, inner contentment and even address your physiology. It is not uncommon for a subliminal weight loss audio to include a statement such as: “My metabolism burns up fat.”

In most subliminal weight loss CDs, these messages are not audible. You usually hear music or sounds of nature while these statements are subliminally delivered to your subconscious. The theory is that your brain learns and processes information in ways that are not yet completely understood. Listening to such a CD across a few days or weeks will induce changes in behavior that lead to weight loss. Eating fewer calories, choosing healthier foods, reducing stress levels, and exercising more are some of the aims of the subliminal messages.

The Power of Sounds and Images

Some subliminal weight loss products are based on the belief that sounds alone have a therapeutic and relaxing effect. Particular frequencies impact specific parts of the brain. It is not uncommon for people to feel less stressed and more relaxed after they have listened to such audio.

In addition to audio, many subliminal weight loss products also come in a video format. Some contain images of light and sounds with hidden messages that are intended to push you into an altered state of relaxation and contentment. Other products present pictures of an ideal state of health, beauty and relaxation.

Research on Subliminal Weight Loss Methods

Scientific studies have been conducted to examine the effectiveness of subliminal weight loss techniques. At best, it has been observed that any positive results may be due to a placebo effect. Participants know there is an intervention and adjust their behaviors accordingly. Overwhelmingly, however, researchers have concluded that no conclusive evidence exists to affirm that subliminal weight loss techniques strongly impact behaviors that lead to weight loss.

If you are interested in trying subliminal weight loss products, many online providers offer sample recordings or videos that may be downloaded free of charge. It may be helpful to first experiment with these free products before investing.


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    I used to drink a lot of wine. Every night I would have a glass or two or three. Even tho I would feel terrible the next day, I kept on doing it. Why?!! I would say to myself, not tonight, I don’t want to feel bad tomorrow, but then I would do it any way.
    It then dawned on me it must be some thing else driving me to self destruct. I did some soul searching. Long story short I remembered when I was young my mom would have friends over and she would say “lets have some fun” and pull the wine jug out. I internalized this as a little kid. So in my sub conscience I believed “wine makes you happy” until I realized that this belief was not helping me and in fact was hurting me I would continue the self destructive path I was one. What a relief. It only took a couple of times when this thought came up, to say to myself, “No, that was your mom’s belief , not yours. For you wine makes you sick.” Now I don’t crave wine at all. So yes, I do believe that our own thoughts and beliefs can cause us to do things that are unhealthy for us. I think it is worth a try to use hypnosis as a weight loss tool. You can read all the codes you send your body to be fat or skinny. It really is your choice!