The Taylor Body Fat Scale

If you are a fan of the Biggest Loser television show then it might interest you to know that the Taylor Body Fat Scale, model B738, is named after the show.  This is a great body fat analyzer to use in conjunction with a health and fitness program.

Body Fat Analyzer

If you are not sure what a body fat analyzer even is, rest assured that it is a beneficial step up from a regular bathroom scale.  The biggest difference is that a body fat percentage scale will give you a body fat reading in addition to your weight.


Taylor is simply a brand name, albeit a good brand.  In fact, according to Good Housekeeping, the Taylor Body Fat Analyzer Scale offers the best price for product and is one of the most durable and accurate models.  This body fat and muscle analyzer is widely available at stores and online.

How it Works

The Taylor Body Fat Analyzer Scale uses the BIA method of measurement, or Bioelectric Impedance Analysis, which is a low impact electrical signal.  This signal passes through the body’s fluids, but is impeded when trying to get through the fatty tissue.

The scale then uses the BIA reading along with your gender, height and weight to give you a calculation of your body fat measurement, body water percentage and current weight.

Extra Benefits

There are several models of body fat scales to choose from under the Taylor brand.  Many of these have added advantages, including one that tells you what your calorie count should be.  There is also a model that will measure your BMI (body mass index).

Almost all models have the capacity to track more than one user’s progress, great for families working on fitness together.


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