The Tastiest Vegan Protein Bars

There are many vegan protein bars on the market, but few have what it takes to rival the sugar laden non-vegan bar taste. Veganism does not allow the ingestion of any food derived from animals. This includes honey. Many vegan products take some getting used to, and often fall short when it comes to taste. Many choices come across as bland, dry, non-sweet concoctions that can easily send a vegan wannabe straight back to a conventional diet. It’s basically trial and error for each person that requires his or her own dietary likes and dislikes. There are two bars that have received high marks in the vegan community for not only taste but also consistency, texture and overall health benefits.

Organic Food Bar

This product comes in many flavors with one being vegan. It is moist, chewy, sweet and chock full of some impressive ingredients that include organic almond butter, agave nectar (derived from the blue agave plant often used in place of honey), organic dates, organic raisins, organic sesame seeds, organic sprouts and flax seed. The protein output is a whopping 14 grams (as much as two ounces of beef), 10 percent of iron and calcium and it weighs in at 300 calories. The energy from this vegan protein bar is steady and non-crashing, which basically means that you won’t spike and crash like you would from eating a bar high in sugar and fat.

Real Green Bars

This bar is a fantastic choice for on the run snacking. It is made entirely of fruits and vegetables and has a sweet, chewy taste you can simply feel as it does your body good. Incorporating broccoli, carrots and spinach with apples, strawberries and/or lemons, this bar comes in at 2 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat, 400 milligrams of potassium and 14 percent of vitamin C packed into a minuscule 160 calories. This bar will surely give you a quick and easy protein energy boost.


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