The Tanita Body Fat Scale

If you are on a fitness program and want to track your body fat loss you might try the Tanita body fat scale.  While there a lot of scale options out there to choose from, the Tanita brand offers some great advantages.

Body Fat Scale

If you are not familiar with a body fat scale, it is a definite step up from a regular bathroom scale.  The main advantage is that it will give you a body fat percentage reading, as well as the regular weight feature of most scales.


Tanita is a brand of body fat scale, and they offer several different types to choose from.  Tanita has a solid reputation and a good price range, even for personal and at-home use scales. 

How it Works

The Tanita body fat scale uses BIA, or Bioelectric Impedance Analysis, which is a low impact electrical signal.  This signal passes through the body’s fluids, but is impeded when trying to get through the fatty tissue. 

The scale then uses the BIA reading along with your gender, height and weight to give you a calculation of your body fat measurement, body water percentage and current weight. 


Some of the Tanita scales offer extra advantages as well.  If you are an athlete, or in training, you might like the athlete mode feature.  Many of the models also have the capacity to store memory so you can track you personal progress.  There is also a feature that allows several users to store information at once. 

Keeping track of your body fat is a great way to map your health and fitness progress, and this at-home scale makes it easier than ever. 



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