The Supermarket Diet: Sample Meal Plan

If you’re a loyal fan of Good Housekeeping magazine then you’ve probably heard of their popular Supermarket Diet. The Supermarket Diet is a weight loss plan that is designed for readers who are looking for a simple and convenient way to lose weight. The diet also allows you to continue consuming your favorite foods as long as you watch the portions and calorie intake. In order to meet your needs and the needs of all dieters, the diet is divided into three plans – the “Boot Camp Plan”, the “Keep on Losin’ Plan” and the “Stay Slim Maintenance Plan”. It’s important that you choose which category you want to belong to since each plan has a different daily calorie limit. Here are some meal ideas that you can mix and match depending on the plan and calorie limit you choose.

Breakfast Ideas

If you love fruits then one of the breakfast ideas that you will surely like is the fruit smoothie. Along with a half cup each of fat-free milk and low-fat yogurt, put your favorite fruits in the blender and mix in some honey and nuts as well. If you’re on the run and do not have time to sit down and enjoy your breakfast, you can always grab an energy bar on your way to work or school.

Lunch Ideas

It’s important to consume lunch meals that will fill you up but won’t store extra calories in your body. Lunch ideas under the Supermarket Diet mostly consist of sandwiches and wraps. For instance, a vegetable burger with cheese is a good idea for lunch. Use a vegetable burger patty that also includes soy and stick to low-fat cheese as well. Other options that you may consider are a bean burrito, a tuna sandwich and a turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich with a small salad on the side.

Dinner Ideas

Supper meal plans under the Supermarket Diet are generally light. The lower amount of food will put less stress on your digestive system so digestion does not disrupt your sleep. Dinner is a good time to consume plenty of vegetables by putting together a bowl of salad. An example of a good combination includes: several cups of spinach, peeled and sliced oranges, crackers, hard-boiled egg, chopped peppers and pecans and some light salad dressing. If you have been craving pizza, you can also treat yourself to two slices of vegetarian pizza to go along with your salad. 

Snack Ideas

The Supermarket Diet also allows snacking, as long as you stick to the daily calorie count of the plan you choose. Grapes are a good snack choice if you find yourself feeling hungry between meals. And If you’re looking for something to perk you up, try a small latte made with skim milk.

In order to succeed with the Supermarket Diet, it’s important that you choose more natural, fresh foods over processed foods.


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