The Sunny Side Diet: Two Great Snacks

The Sunny Side Diet is a diet that emphasizes a vegetarian, or vegan, way of eating while using eco-friendly cooking methods. Foods are prepared in a variety of ways, including steamed, braised, or boiled, and provides recipes for all meals of the day. This diet works due to its natural cooking processes and emphasis on low-calorie, fat-free foods. If you are considering trying the Sunny Side Diet, be sure to include snacks in your day in order to prevent overeating at later meals. Below are some great snack ideas for individuals considering the Sunny Side Diet. These snacks are nutritionally sound–and the best part is that they taste great, too!

Steamed Green Beans

Steamed green beans are a great snack because they don’t need to be refrigerated and therefore, can be transported almost anywhere. Green beans are a rich source of fiber, which will help keep you feeling fuller, longer. In addition, the fiber found within beans has been found to be effective in the treatment of certain types of cancers, including colon cancer. Finally, green beans contain carbohydrate, which is essential in providing you with the energy you need to make it through the day.

Unlike the carbohydrate found within white bread or pasta, the carbohydrates in green beans is slow digesting, which means that it stays in your stomach for a longer period of time, preventing feelings of hunger. When choosing green beans, keep in mind that fresh isn’t always the best. Research has found that frozen fruits and vegetables contain the same amounts of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients as their fresh counterparts–and at a lower cost.

If you do decide to purchase frozen green beans, look for ones that have little added salt or preservatives–you should always try to eat your food in the most natural form possible in order to achieve maximal health benefits.

Oatmeal and Dried Cranberries

While oatmeal is often thought of as a breakfast food, it also makes a great afternoon snack. Like green beans, oatmeal contains fiber, which is essential when on a diet. In addition, oatmeal is another healthy carbohydrate, providing you with energy with the subsequent “sugar crash.” Cranberries can provide a sweet alternative to the maple syrup or sugar often put in oatmeal. Cranberries are a rich source of vitamin C, which is essential in providing optimal health and growth.

In addition, the cranberries also can add some fiber to your diet. Like green beans, cranberries don’t need to be purchased in the fresh form in order to be healthy. Frozen cranberries can provide the same levels of vitamin C and other minerals as fresh cranberries, at a fraction of the cost.

When choosing frozen cranberries, be sure to avoid added sugar or other preservatives that can alter both the taste and nutritional quality of the product. As with the green beans, remember that in order to achieve optimal health, you should choose foods in their most natural state.


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