The Spectrum Diet: 6 Meal Ideas from Group 1

The Spectrum Diet is a plan that revolves around helping dieters to choose healthy meal plans, rather than forbid food. Foods are divided into groups, with Group 1 being the healthiest foods and Group 5 being the unhealthiest. The idea is to eat more Group 1 foods than Group 5 foods. The following foods are listed in Group 1:

  • Fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Nonfat dairy
  • Egg whites
  • Soy products
  • Legumes

Here are several meal ideas that you can consider, using only foods in Group 1.

Meal #1: Salads

Not often thought of as a meal of its own, salads can be plenty for meals. Toss together some fresh vegetables, add some nonfat cheese or tofu, and drizzle with vinegar or lemon juice.

Alternatively, you could throw together a fruit salad by mixing your favorite fruits. Make sure that you choose only fresh fruits or fruits stored in their own juices. Never use fruits canned with syrup.

Meal #2: Vegetable Stir Fry

Mix together your favorite veggies and fry them up with some soy sauce. There are endless possibilities you can come up with. Mix your vegetable stir fry with some brown rice for a yummy treat!

Meal #3: Sandwiches

As long as you leave off the meat, all sorts of sandwiches can be made with foods from Group 1 of the Spectrum Diet. Using whole grain bread with vegetables and nonfat cheese, you can make all sorts of tasty sandwiches. You can even use meat substitutes made from soy to make an equivalent for all your favorites. Make sure to hold the mayo and use mustard instead.

Meal #4: Omelets

Using egg whites instead of the whole egg, you can make a tasty omelet from the foods in Group 1 of the Spectrum Diet. Fold in some of your favorite veggies, nonfat cheese or soy-based foods. If you want to mix in some milk with your egg whites, use skim milk.

Meal #5: Pastas

You can cook pastas that fall in Group 1 of the Spectrum Diet if you use pastas made of whole grains. You can also cook your own pasta sauce using fresh vegetables and herbs. Mix in fresh garlic, nonfat Parmesan or ricotta cheese, or meat substitutes made of soy.

Meal #6: Vegetarian Pizza

Like pasta, you can also make a tasty pizza using the foods in Group 1 of the Spectrum Diet. Start with whole grain pizza dough. Then top it with a pizza sauce made from fresh vegetables and herbs, nonfat cheese, and any fixings you’d like from the foods listed in Group 1.

These are just a few ideas of meals you can make from just the Group 1 items of the Spectrum Diet. The possibilities for meals are endless. Using some creativity and experimentation, you can soon be eating your way to a healthier life. Once you have figured out ways to eat healthier using Group 1, you can gradually add back in foods from other groups in moderation.


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