The Special K Diet: 6 Great Snacks

For a healthy lifestyle and weight loss, the Kellogg’s cereal company has recommended the Special K diet that comes with eating the Special K brand of breakfast cereal. The diet prescribes a bowl of the cereal in the morning with skim milk, with set-calorie meals and two snacks throughout the day. Since this is a health and weight loss related diet, it is important that the snacks be low in calories with high nutritional values and low in fat and sugars. Here are some of the possible options for a snack.


Made of fresh fruit, milk and natural sugars, yogurt is a good health food and works well with the Special K diet. As a snack, the best portion is no more than one standard cup of yogurt, and be sure to check that the label says that it is low fat with no sugar added. Another option is to buy plain, low fat yogurt and mix homemade preserves or cut fruit into it.


A healthy and sustainable weight loss diet is only possible if there is fat in the food that is eaten. As opposed to taking in fat through oily food or buttery cakes and sweets, nuts provide oils and fatty acids in a natural way. In addition, they are full of vitamins E and B2. They also  prevent coronary diseases.


Fruit is the natural and perfect option if you are on a strict diet, especially if your body begins to crave sugar in the process of dieting. Fruits contain vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a healthy constitution, and with high water content, they leave you satiated easily. For the best effects, vary the color of the fruit eaten daily so as to ensure that the various vitamins are taken in.

Muesli Bars

A muesli bar is a good way of fending off hunger pangs, and is particularly good for busy working people since the bars are individually packed and convenient to take along with you. Be sure to watch the label, since many of these bars contain high artificial sugar levels and coloring.

Vegetable Sticks

Vegetable sticks are universally known to be a healthy snack, but for many, the taste of carrots and celery can be off putting. If you dislike the taste of these vegetables, try buying a low-fat dip such as plain yogurt or hummus to go along with the sticks in order to mask the bland taste that can turn people off to healthy eating.

Dark Chocolate

For many, chocolate is a big no-no while on a diet, but dark chocolate is an exception to this rule. Most countries specify at least 35% of cocoa solids in chocolate for it to be considered dark chocolate, making it high in cocoa and low in sugar and milk that make chocolate fattening. Cocoa is high in antioxidants, and is therefore beneficial to your health.



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