The South Beach Diet Supercharged: 5 Foods to Avoid

The South Beach Diet Supercharged was created by cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatston five years after the first version of the diet called the South Beach Diet had been introduced to the public. The South Beach Diet was created to help his patients with heart disease. However, the South Beach Diet became very popular for losing weight as well.

The main difference between the two is an emphasis of the South Beach Diet Supercharged on the importance of exercise for health and well-being as well as safe, steady and final weight loss. The South Beach Diet Supercharged consists of three phases. Phase 1 is the one with the most restrictions, but it lasts only for two weeks. Phase 2 is the phase when you can reintroduce some foods to you meals and the main weight loss occurs. You need to follow it until you reach your ideal weight. Phase 3 is for the rest of your life and all foods are allowed, however, moderation is the key.

The South Beach Diet Supercharged may be considered a low-carb diet though Dr. Agatston tried to defer it from that definition, stating that he does not forbid eating all carbohydrates but just “bad” carbohydrates (the ones with high glycemic index). The South Beach Diet Supercharged also limits use of fats by recommending low- and non-fat diary, lean meats, vegetable oils (olive and canola), and nuts.

Since the second phase of the South Beach Diet Supercharged is less restrictive let’s look at foods to avoid during that phase:

1. Sugar

Obviously, all sugars are off limit on the South Beach Diet Supercharged. Sugars (white sugar, brown sugar, honey, ice cream, jams and jellies) have glycemic indexes that are too high, and thus have rather drastic effects on blood sugar levels.

2. Products Made of Refined Flour (White or Wheat)

Those products include breads, bagels, cookies, cakes, and pasta. Refined flour is even worse for blood sugar spikes than pure sugar and for that reason is not allowed.

3. White Rice

White rice of all kinds, including Jasmine rice and sticky rice. The only rice you can enjoy if you follow the South Beach Diet is brown rice.

4. Potatoes, Corn, Beets

Those vegetables have reasonably high starch content and their glycemic index is high as well. It is recommended to avoid those foods or eat them rarely.

5. Certain Fruits

Fruits like watermelon, pineapple, and figs as well as raisins (and other dried fruits) have high sugar content and are not allowed for  consumption while on the South Beach Diet. Obviously, commercial fruit juices which use high fructose syrup as a major ingredient, and canned fruits in heavy syrup are off limits also.

The South Beach Diet Supercharged, with its emphasis on the exercise program as well as new eating habits, will help you to transform your lifestyle into a healthier one. In doing so you will lose weight and keep it off as long as you are following the recommendations of the diet plan.


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