The Slimming World Diet: 6 Great Snacks

The Slimming World Diet is unique in that it allows a huge amount of flexibility and freedom with regards to meal choices. You don’t have to worry about any sort of counting, as there are no specific requirements for calories, carbohydrates, fats, etc. In fact, the Slimming World Diet probably shouldn’t be called a diet at all: it encourages the consumption of healthy food, but the focus is more on being active than on any kinds of meal limitations. So, those who are on this so-called “diet” have a wide range of healthy and delicious snacks to choose from. If you’re trying out the Slimming World Diet, try these great snack ideas for nutritious energy boosts throughout the day.

Snack #1: Fruit Salad

Vegetarian, quick, sweet and healthy! Just cube a bunch of your favorite fruits and mix them in a bowl. You can add melons, berries, peaches – whatever you want, really. Try to find fresh, organic fruits that are in season if they’re available, but don’t stress it too much; frozen fruits are still surprisingly good at retaining their nutritional value. Optionally, drizzle some honey over the fruit or mix it with yogurt.

Snack #2: Ham Roll-Ups

Lay out a few pieces of sliced ham, top each with a thin slice of light cheese, roll them up, and enjoy. You can enjoy a cup of carrot sticks on the side for a healthy vegetable addition.

Snack #3: Cheesy Bacon-Salsa Chips

This one certainly doesn’t look like a diet food, but when consumed in moderation, it actually can be a healthy and satisfying snack or even a full dinner. Slice potatoes into strips and boil them in water for 8 minutes, then remove, drain, and bake for 30-40 minutes in an oven set to 425 degrees. Top with bacon bits, organic salsa and light cheese. 

Snack #4: Vegetable Sticks

Everything mentioned up until now has required a certain amount of preparation, but healthy snacks don’t have to be complicated at all. If you’re in a hurry or just don’t feel like preparing something special, you can always grab a handful of baby carrots or some celery stalks. Peanut butter – the organic kind, with no extra sugar added – makes a great dip!

Snack #5: Cheese and Crackers

A favorite of kids and grown-ups alike, this simple snack is quick, portable and satisfying. Try stone-ground whole wheat crackers topped with light cheese, and even add a bit of smoked salmon if you so desire.

Snack #6: Soup

Your favorite type of soup can be prepared days ahead of time, making it easy to heat up a bowl any time you need an energy boost. Soup recipes are available from many different sources – use any recipe you like, but look for healthy options like roasted pepper or butternut squash soup. Canned soup is another viable option that’s extra convenient.

These delicious, healthy snacks are only a few of the many varied selections that you can enjoy on the Slimming World Diet.


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