The Slim Fast Diet

The Slim Fast diet was founded by S. Daniel Abraham in the late 1970s. It was designed to help you lose weight by replacing 2 meals per day with healthy, nutrition shakes.

The Premise

The Slim Fast diet first focused on portion controlled low-calorie foods and meal replacement shakes. The idea was to lose weight by drinking a nutritious health shake two times a day. The shake had all the vitamins, minerals and protein you needed. After the initial success of this program, the Slim Fast Diet added various meal bars and snacks into a new plan. You now have more options for breakfast and lunch, including 3 snacks per day.

The Diet

The Slim Fast diet is based on a 3-2-1 Plan. With the first phase, you eat 3 snacks a day. These snacks are full of vitamins, minerals and protein to keep your metabolism working throughout the day. You choose from fruit, vegetables, nuts and a 100-calorie Slim Fast snack bar.

The second phase of the plan is based on meal bars and shakes. These items have essential nutrients and come already prepared. The old Slim Fast diet replaced both breakfast and lunch with one shake for each meal. This new 3-2-1 Plan gives you a choice to replace any meal with a meal bar, shake or alternating between the two.

The third phase lets you eat a calorie portioned meal. This 500-calorie meal consists of vegetables, lean protein and starch. The portions are broken up into sections. One-half of your plate has vegetables, 1/4 has protein and 1/4 has some type of starch. Grains are the preferred starch.

What to Get Excited Over

With the Slim Fast diet, you have online support through blogs, articles and groups. They provide guides on how to portion your meals, what foods to eat and where to buy Slim Fast products. You also get two-week meal plans so you don’t have to worry about what to eat each day. You have access to personalized meal plans, progress updates and support from others.

The best things to get excited over are the delicious meal bars, snacks and shakes. The shakes come in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavors. Meal bars and snacks come in tasty flavors such as double-dutch chocolate and chocolate nougat. Each one is low in calories, but high in taste.

Things to Consider

It’s important to consider the price of eating this type of food. The price of meal bars, shakes and food may cost more than you’re willing to pay. You also should be willing to replace two of your meals. If you’re used to eating three square meals a day, you’ll need to adjust to the bars and shakes.


The Slim Fast diet has lasted longer on the market than most diets. It’s changed through the years and added new features that still work for a great number of people. You simply follow a healthy meal plan that provides all the nutrients your body needs. Although this diet is not for everyone, it is a great place to start.


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